Definition of boutique in US English:



  • 1A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.

    • ‘With a myriad of chain stores, unique boutiques and trendy clothes stores, you will have no problem securing a festive peck under the mistletoe this year.’
    • ‘The bustling town centre is the location of a number of supermarkets, shops and boutiques as well as a variety of pubs.’
    • ‘Over the bridge, Eton seemed to offer even more eating establishments than Windsor, dotted between an eclectic mix of shops, galleries and boutiques.’
    • ‘Her collections are now sold in top boutiques and stores worldwide.’
    • ‘They headed past clothes boutiques, take-aways and galleries towards the market.’
    • ‘I caught the bus to historic Scottsdale, which has more than 100 shops and boutiques, selling Indian jewellery and crafts.’
    • ‘The circle of chic establishments includes boutiques that sell fancy clothes, and lots of places to take your mummy for lunch.’
    • ‘List the malls, boutiques and department stores you aim to check out in order to eliminate aimless window-shopping.’
    • ‘It blares from the speakers of clothes boutiques and record shops.’
    • ‘She would shop at large department stores, boutiques, and markets.’
    • ‘The show will include clothes from shops and boutiques in Dingle, Tralee and Killarney with a special emphasis on autumn/winter fashions.’
    • ‘The streets are lined with stalls, boutiques and surf shops.’
    • ‘No poster stores or boutiques selling precious little $200 Guatemalan peasant skirts.’
    • ‘The magazine will be ‘distributed free in clothes shops, boutiques, pubs and cinemas’ and the first issue has a picture of a giant pigeon on the front cover.’
    • ‘The two then converted the fats from this waste into a commodity, soap, that they sold to fashion boutiques for $20 a bar.’
    • ‘I barely dared hope for half-way decent clothes boutiques, music stores and fast food joints.’
    • ‘There'll be restaurants and coffee shops, boutiques and fast-food counters.’
    • ‘Her ambition is not only to have a shop front initially, but to design and supply for boutiques and department stores.’
    • ‘The bags are being sold in Miami boutiques and art museum shops.’
    • ‘This is the oldest part of the town, full of fashionable boutiques and galleries, cafés and antique shops.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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  • 2often as modifier A business or establishment that is small and sophisticated or fashionable.

    ‘a boutique film’
    ‘a small investment boutique’
    • ‘It is interested in offering boutique money management services to business clients.’
    • ‘The fund management industry is increasingly splitting into niche boutique investment firms and enormous global firms.’
    • ‘Business firms range in size from boutiques operated by individuals to huge multinational corporations employing thousands.’
    • ‘In the Sixties record shops operated as music boutiques, equipped with several listening booths further to facilitate the procurement of happening sounds.’
    • ‘Others are hooking up with boutique vendors to gain specialized expertise.’
    • ‘Instead, he has focused on the boutique Meantime Brewing Company of Greenwich, one of the country's leading microbreweries.’
    • ‘Noble sees plenty of room in the market for another corporate finance boutique.’
    • ‘How much a business owner ends up paying a boutique investment banker can vary wildly.’
    • ‘We've seen the campaign profession grow from a boutique business to a mature, thriving industry.’
    • ‘The wines sampled at the station are typically from Napa's boutique wineries.’
    • ‘Wealth management has traditionally been the preserve of private banks and boutique investment firms.’
    • ‘Right now, we're doing small runs for a boutique design company that we're losing money on.’
    • ‘The boutique publisher has also attracted a major high street retailer to back a Scottish football skills events being held this summer.’
    • ‘Many of the large drapery shops have closed and instead a large number of boutiques have opened offering specialised merchandise.’
    • ‘He believes the biggest recent change in fund management is the number of new boutique companies.’
    • ‘On Tuesday evening, they will talk through a business plan they have prepared with Long Acre, a corporate-finance boutique.’
    • ‘While boutique wineries have greatly increased, the bulk of production is controlled by a handful of companies.’
    • ‘I don't think that the Inland Revenue would be overly troubled by the meagre income generated by my merchandising boutique.’
    • ‘There are also boutique publications that publish guides of everyone who earns over around 40,000 euros.’
    • ‘The group is being advised in the deal by Strand Partners, a boutique London investment bank.’


Mid 18th century: from French, ‘small shop’, via Latin from Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’. Compare with bodega.