Definition of bounty hunter in US English:

bounty hunter


  • 1A person who pursues a criminal or fugitive for whom a reward is offered.

    ‘the film follows a bounty hunter who is caught in a Wyoming blizzard with his female prisoner’
    • ‘As a policeman, he's expected to inform the FBI, but instead he becomes a bounty hunter.’
    • ‘He appears to go about his business untroubled by policemen, or bounty hunters.’
    • ‘After college I worked for an old family friend as a junior bail bondsman, and then I spent some time as a bounty hunter.’
    • ‘Shortly after our arrival we came into contact with a bounty hunter, one seeking a reward for the return of Jenna.’
    • ‘He was sentenced to 124 years imprisonment and was later caught by a bounty hunter and returned to the US.’
    • ‘The film opens about five years after the events in Pitch Black, and Riddick is on the run from bounty hunters again.’
    • ‘The bounty hunter is a State proxy and can thus use police powers.’
    • ‘Cairy had been a bounty hunter long enough to know that cops, even the rare few who tried to help, always got in the way.’
    • ‘The bounty hunter is given his final assignment - to secure and bring back his boss's estranged son, Travis, from the heart of South America.’
    • ‘The movie features fast cars, a psychotic with road rage, a bounty hunter, and an attractive blonde.’
    1. 1.1 A person who hunts wild animals in order to collect a reward offered for killing them.
      ‘livestock owners say the state's efforts to reduce the predator population have fallen short and they want to give bounty hunters a shot’
      • ‘Over the course of American history, livestock owners, Native Americans, bounty hunters, animal rights activists, and wilderness enthusiasts have disputed and revised the meaning of wolf skulls.’
      • ‘Many of the bounty hunters use snare traps, which kill an irresponsible number of grizzly bears, elk, and moose, as well as wolves.’
      • ‘It's unlikely bounty hunters would be required to turn in the animals' heads.’
      • ‘North America was once home to as many as 2 million gray wolves, but by the 1930s, fur traders, bounty hunters and government agents had poisoned, trapped and shot them to near extinction.’
      • ‘One hundred years ago, legions of bounty hunters were scouring the swamps and forests of Florida, looking for songbirds to adorn society ladies' hats.’


bounty hunter

/ˈboun(t)ē ˌhən(t)ər/