Definition of boulevard in English:


(also blvd.)


  • A wide street in a town or city, typically one lined with trees.

    in names ‘Sunset Boulevard’
    • ‘According to the municipality, 589 snowploughs had been cleaning the snow from the major streets and boulevards of the city.’
    • ‘The march initially proceeded along O'Connell Street, a broad boulevard in the city centre.’
    • ‘I took his hand and we strolled slowly through the empty streets and quiet boulevards until we reached the royal gardens.’
    • ‘The BCC took on numerous projects to develop huge parks and boulevards in the city in the recent years.’
    • ‘There is the ground-level city of streets and boulevards, and offices and homes.’
    • ‘It was a European-style city with grand boulevards, classical buildings, a great cathedral and an opera house as well as a theatre.’
    • ‘This involved crossing wide French-style boulevards by foot, and nerves of steel are required.’
    • ‘It is particularly fitting that one of our finest boulevards in the city be chosen.’
    • ‘An ubiquitous yellow cab halted briefly, on request, in one of the several boulevards lining this meticulously planned capital.’
    • ‘Schools and community centers, streets and avenues, boulevards and bridges throughout the United States were named after him.’
    • ‘By the time the march reached the other end of town, it had grown to nearly half a mile long, taking up both sides of the wide boulevards that crisscross Pittsburgh.’
    • ‘Soon they were away from the busy, narrow little streets and into elegant, wide boulevards.’
    • ‘I'd never been to Beverly Hills before, and the boulevards and streets had names that were mythology to me.’
    • ‘The boulevards are very wide and the city seems to be a sea of green!’
    • ‘New roads were constructed as wide boulevards to prevent fires from spreading from one side of the street to the other.’
    • ‘All these freeways and boulevards have several lanes, with all the cars going in one direction.’
    • ‘On the banks of the Danube, it is a city of lazy boulevards and pleasant cafes.’
    • ‘I've dedicated a healthy portion of my life walking the streets and boulevards of Paris to find grainy bread here.’
    • ‘The city itself was quite charming, featuring wide, tree-lined boulevards.’
    • ‘The city had cordoned off an area of about nine square blocks with Main Street the central boulevard for the party.’
    avenue, street, road, main road, high road, drive, row, lane, parade, promenade, way, roadway, thoroughfare
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Mid 18th century: French, ‘a rampart’ (later ‘a promenade on the site of one’), from German Bollwerk (see bulwark).