Definition of bouldering in US English:



  • Climbing on large boulders, either for practice or as a sport in its own right.

    • ‘Warm up with at least 20 minutes of light bouldering or climbing.’
    • ‘I don't think this town even has bouldering cages.’
    • ‘Since there are no ropes in bouldering, climbing high is not an option.’
    • ‘Slippers and shoes with velcro closures are fast and easy to get on and off, which makes them a good choice for bouldering and climbing in the gym (when you constantly taking your shoes off and putting them back on).’
    • ‘Every few weeks, try an alternative to your routine: flexibility training, a massage, a hike, a mellow ride, an easy swim, or light bouldering.’
    • ‘Even though bouldering can be practised alone you shouldn't underestimate the importance of an experienced climbing partner.’
    • ‘Though Phil's love of traditional climbing is obvious in everything he does, he also enjoys clipping bolts and bouldering.’
    • ‘‘One of the problems with indoor climbing and bouldering walls is that there are so many holds it's easy to lose focus,’ says Lewis.’
    • ‘Personally I like a slipper or velcro closure because I spend most of my gym time bouldering or belaying.’
    • ‘Now you've got a taste for climbing by developing your bouldering skills, it's time to start the ‘real’ work.’
    • ‘As far as Smith is concerned, bouldering is the purest form of climbing.’
    • ‘Some were climbing, some were bouldering, and some were belaying, but all of them were making the best of the situation and had turned their backs to the sea.’
    • ‘Thousands of bouldering areas have cropped up worldwide.’
    • ‘A great way to get the ‘feel’ of the climbing wall is bouldering.’
    • ‘I believe there are correct shoes for different types of bouldering problems and routes.’
    • ‘From bouldering to leading, I'll teach you the basics.’
    • ‘On September 29th, 1981 he takes me bouldering to a place just outside of town.’
    • ‘While Watkins prefers to strengthen her fingers by climbing indoors and bouldering, occasionally she does weight training for her digits, too.’
    • ‘The better part of that summer was spent in that same spot bouldering, hiking, and getting to know the Rangers in my new favorite place.’
    • ‘At first sight you may mistake bouldering for cliff climbing.’