Definition of bottom round in English:

bottom round


  • A steak or other cut from the outer part of a round of beef.

    • ‘The less tender steak cuts come from the rump area of the animals and include full cut round, top round, eye round, bottom round, chuck arm, chuck blade, chuck flank, and chuck shoulder.’
    • ‘Is there any way I can prepare a bottom round and get a comparative quality of a top round?’
    • ‘Meat prices were down on ground chuck, bottom round roast, chuck and sirloin steak, and pork chops.’
    • ‘Take special measures to reduce the fat content of red meat by choosing a leaner cut (e.g., bottom round) or a leaner species, by trimming all visible fat and by draining off the oil produced by cooking.’
    • ‘Similarly, a boneless rump roast or bottom round roast may be used in place of a chuck pot roast.’
    • ‘Eye rounds, bottom rounds, and rump roasts all come from the round, or hind leg.’
    • ‘As with the top round, it is named bottom round because it is the ‘bottom’ of the round when the round is laid on a table for cutting.’
    • ‘Hind quarter roasts, such as top and bottom rounds, eye, sirloin tip, and rump, benefit from shorter, high temperature cooking techniques.’
    • ‘Similar results were documented for bottom rounds and top rounds used to produce enhanced beef.’
    • ‘After the rump, knuckle and leg bone have been removed from the leg, divide the top and the bottom rounds.’