Definition of bottom fish in US English:

bottom fish


  • A species of fish, such as flounder, that is a bottom feeder.

    • ‘Red snapper are the prized bottom fish for offshore traffic, but red snapper returns were not so encouraging.’
    • ‘As salmon become less available, orcas turn to bottom fish, including some that feed in polluted areas.’
    • ‘They finished lunch, then went aft, Jim to once again sit beside the pole he'd set in search of some bottom fish, and Blair to sit lotus-style on top of the transom facing him.’
    • ‘In both states people have reported dead rockfish and other bottom fish on beaches.’
    • ‘Sharks, circling the boat, dine on the bottom fish thrown back in.’
    • ‘In the late 1980s more than a million bottom fish died in the American state of New Jersey's Raritan Bay.’
    • ‘Walleye pollock, more than half of all Bering bottom fish, are harvested in the world's largest single species fishery.’


  • 1Fish for species that are bottom fish.

    • ‘Preferred fishing methods are trolling with lures or baits, bottom fishing, jigging, chumming, and spin casting.’
    • ‘For general bottom fishing, end tackle is simple, a simple running paternoster using fairly short trace of about two feet of 50 lb fluorocarbon or heavy monofilament.’
    • ‘Prices vary, but figure about $100 an hour for an inshore striped bass or bottom fishing excursion for a party of up to six people.’
    • ‘It is normal for the boats to run four to six rods and if you are bottom fishing each angler will have one’
    • ‘In the distant days of Wallis and his cronies, very few anglers practiced leger fishing as a method; at least not those who considered themselves to be skilled exponents of bottom fishing.’
    • ‘Whether it's bottom fishing, casting in back country back waters or bluewater trolling, Diane Hallaran can do it, and she does - three to four times a month.’
    • ‘These factors apply whether you are fishing a live bait or a dead bait, whether you are fishing a paternoster or a bottom fished bait - the principle is exactly the same.’
    • ‘Most gurnards in the UK are caught when general bottom fishing at anchor with baits, but this is too static to really target the gurnard family, which much prefer to chase down moving bait.’
    • ‘If you arrange a session of bottom fishing you will undoubtedly be taken to one of the numerous rocky outcrops along the shoreline where success with Rockfish and the occasional Snapper is almost guaranteed.’
    • ‘In one instance, Australian authorities banned bottom fishing in some areas after it was found that only 4 to 5 percent of the coral cover remained there.’
    • ‘That extra involvement seems to differentiate fly fishing from spin casting, using a spoon for example, or bait fishing, sometimes called bottom fishing.’
    • ‘Six pinks later - the limit for this species - Anderson heads back inside the strait to bottom fish the tide rip off Tatoosh with homemade metal treble hook jigs.’
    1. 1.1 Make profits from investments that are of low value or out of favor.
      • ‘‘We don't participate in auctions; we don't bottom fish,’ said Larsen of Goodrich's philosophy toward acquisitions.’
      • ‘One source said, ‘the history books may view this as bottom fishing, but some in the financial community here believe Madison Dearborn paid a pretty substantial sum for the state of the company.’’
      • ‘The fact that the Irish market has not collapsed gives little room for the sort of bottom fishing that has begun in the British market.’
      • ‘It might be a place where bottom fishing is a clever strategy rather than greenfield developments.’
      • ‘Assume that Burstein is right about all of these things - that venture capital will be equal parts merchant banking, bottom fishing, and financial engineering.’