Definition of bottom feeder in US English:

bottom feeder


  • 1An aquatic creature that feeds at the bottom of a body of water.

    • ‘These fish are primarily bottom feeders and are aided in food finding by sensitive sensory papillae on their lips.’
    • ‘Smaller two-hook rigs baited with fresh shrimp will take all the bottom feeders, which really come out to play as the tide drops off around low and high water.’
    • ‘These scum-sucking bottom feeders are the scourge of fishermen everywhere.’
    • ‘Walruses are bottom feeders and generally graze on slow-moving prey in waters no more than 250 feet deep; several species of clams comprise the majority of their diet.’
    • ‘Some swellsharks are sluggish bottom feeders that prey on dead or sleeping fish or crustaceans.’
    • ‘They are passive bottom feeders, who tend to lie up and sleep during the day, and swim lazily over the reef at night, munching the odd crab.’
    • ‘Although their underslung mouth suggests a bottom feeder, carp are quite capable of feeding on the surface and can often be seen swirling at emerging food morsels during the warmer months of the year.’
    • ‘For the most part cryptically marked bottom feeders, many clinids change color near spawning time.’
    • ‘Recent observations have dispelled the beliefs that gray whales are only bottom feeders and that they do not eat during their migrations.’
    • ‘Scraps of fish had fallen to the bottom, and stingrays, which are natural bottom feeders were absolutely feasting on them.’
    • ‘Their use is believed to have pushed the numbers of porpoises, also bottom feeders, in areas such as the Baltic Sea, to the verge of extinction.’
  • 2North American informal Someone who profits from things cast off or left over by others.

    • ‘Because of their overall dearth of talent, Washington competes only with the rest of the league's bottom feeders.’
    • ‘His was a bottom feeder bargain basement operation.’
    • ‘We're never going to be satisfied being a bottom feeder.’
    • ‘His handicap has been dropping consistently but he continues to be a bottom feeder.’
    • ‘In effect, the company has been taken over by its bankers who have signalled that they are not always prepared to sell off ailing investments for a pittance to the bottom feeders now gorging themselves on the corpses of failed companies.’
    • ‘They had to flog it off to a bottom feeder at a distressed price.’
    • ‘They struck gold simply because most of society consider lawyers as bottom feeders somewhere on the ladder beneath used car salesman and alphabet network anchormen.’
    • ‘Question is: will the mobile operator launch with a Vodafone Lite brand - or trawl for bottom feeders with a virtual mobile operator in tow?’
    • ‘The Lions might be able to squeak out a narrow victory over die league's bottom feeders, but all of their warts are exposed when they play a solid team, as Sunday's loss to the Packers showed.’
    • ‘Instead of stereotyping them as the bottom feeders of the bird world, Davee makes a declarative statement regarding crows' artistic qualities.’
    • ‘Slot machines had always been the bottom feeder section of the casinos, the place where husbands sent their wives while they went and lost at roulette.’
    • ‘Since we contractors are generally regarded as bottom feeders, I appreciate that.’
    • ‘He may have snubbed his own son, but at least he wasn't a bottom feeder like the other men Tammy dated.’
    • ‘There are a lot of bottom feeders in publishing looking to make a quick buck.’
    • ‘But it can't do much for your self-esteem to know that you're among the bottom feeders of the workforce, right alongside telemarketers and bill collectors.’
    • ‘When all the work is complete take yourself off for a treat and spend some of the cash that would, by now, be lining the pockets of a bottom feeder had you not been savvy enough to keep him at arms length.’
    • ‘The little side-by-side Chief is, and always has been, one of the financial bottom feeders of aviation.’
    • ‘It is well known in boxing circles that he is a bottom feeder.’


bottom feeder