Definition of bottled gas in US English:

bottled gas


  • Butane or propane gas stored under pressure in portable tanks.

    • ‘For cooking, she uses bottled gas instead of the traditional dried dung burned in iron stoves.’
    • ‘However, the vast majority of climbers, past and present, would be unable to survive high on the mountain without bottled gas.’
    • ‘Instead, as in Sahib Singh Verma's showpiece, Indraprastha, the women were promised bottled gas but as with other promises, nothing has materialised so far.’
    • ‘From there they buy bottled gas to light their ancient stone houses, and bread as well as anything else that they can't provide for themselves.’
    • ‘Marigot resident, Sylvester Joseph, who was involved in installing the tank back in the 1960s, supplied bottled gas to fuel the cutting equipment.’
    • ‘I was especially not pleased to discover that because we have no mains gas supply and so would need to run a gas hob on bottled gas we'd be in for an additional installation charge of £250.’
    • ‘In the early 1950s Edmund Gannon set up his bicycle repair shop with radio services, hackney business, undertaking and bottled gas.’
    • ‘Liu's wife, a senior physician, understands his art and takes care of him in the small apartment, cooking for him with bottled gas.’
    • ‘In addition there was a bottled gas heater in the seat of the blaze and it was very hot.’
    • ‘She had to move to a new classroom because her other one exploded when one of the students lit a firecracker around one of bottled gases.’
    • ‘Bipin, who lives on Alford Close, Breightmet, helped to establish Beergas, a Halliwell based company supplying bottled gas to pubs and restaurants.’
    • ‘Once you've worked out the different types of boiler, you need to know that they can be fuelled by mains gas, bottled gas, oil, electricity or solid fuel.’
    • ‘He operated the bottled gas company through most of the 1960s and '70s before inheriting half of the estate.’
    • ‘The divorced father-of-two ran a bottled gas company which was an established and well-respected family firm handed to him by his father.’
    • ‘There is no electricity; some islanders use bottled gas for lighting and cooking.’
    • ‘The bottled gas was only good for a partial inflate.’
    • ‘These gas sources range from bottled gas in a tank, to spring or compressed gas pistons.’
    • ‘They sold fireplaces, bottled gas, paraffin, hardware, household items and firearms.’
    • ‘We cooked using bottled gas, which would inevitably run out when the dinner was being cooked.’
    • ‘Then in the early 1980s Michael took on the sub-post office and in 1989 he added the agency business for bottled gas.’