Definition of bottlebrush in US English:



  • 1An Australian shrub or small tree with spikes of scarlet or yellow flowers that resemble a cylindrical brush in shape.

    Genus Callistemon, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘These beautiful evergreen shrubs are known as bottlebrushes because of the cylindrical-shape of their cream, yellow or red blooms that emerge in spring and summer.’
    • ‘The tufts of long stamens on the bloom resemble those of a bottlebrush, thus the common name of this popular shrub.’
    • ‘Naniloa is a flat, simple, public course distinguished by bottlebrush trees.’
    • ‘Neighbour Ian Kinny, whose memorial garden along with a gum tree, bottlebrush and shrubs were destroyed, described the impact of the attack as ‘extremely cruel’.’
    • ‘This appealing, diminutive shrub blooms in spring with honey-scented flowers that look like bottlebrushes, and they are hummingbird magnets!’
    1. 1.1 Any of a number of plants bearing spikes of flowers that resemble a cylindrical brush.
      • ‘Atop City Hall in Toronto, downtown workers watch butterflies and birds loiter among native plants like bottlebrush grass, eastern columbines, grey-headed coneflowers and New Jersey tea bushes.’
      • ‘Bulbs boast the spiky spaceships of alliums, and the long-lasting bottlebrushes of perennial grasses - an invaluable group of plants when it comes to attractive seed heads - provide a huge variety of scale and texture.’
      • ‘On hot August days, as the sun sets over the right ridge of Mt. Tam, we like to water the row of bottlebrush plants that take the brunt of the afternoon heat in the garden.’
      • ‘Last year, I took the plunge and hired a gardener, mostly to help me rid one side of all the ivy and to help tame the line of bottlebrush plants that wasn't quite brush and wasn't quite tree.’
      • ‘Melaleucas and bottlebrushes make excellent screening plants, stand-alone specimens and accents among other native species such as banksias and grevilleas.’