Definition of bottle blond in US English:

bottle blond

(also bottle blonde)


  • (of a woman's hair) of a light blond shade, as though artificially lightened or bleached.

    • ‘Also, the notion of conditioning women who are aggressive go-getters into cookie-baking, bottle-blonde Barbie dolls is just plain offensive.’
    • ‘However, she needs to be more bottle-blonde ditzy, more Marilyn Monroe.’
    • ‘Today she's milky white in the London sunshine, bottle-blonde hair cropped and quiffed, a palisade of lashes guarding ice-blue eyes.’
    • ‘After her eyes, and her swollen cheekbones, her most striking feature is her bottle-blonde hair.’
    • ‘The director stars as Sarah, a bottle-blonde burnout who appears one day to rescue her eight year old son Jeremiah from his caring foster parents.’
    • ‘It's said that these bottle-blonde women are even more loud-mouthed than male enthusiasts, which adds to the atmosphere.’
    • ‘It's a story of a very English glamour: of leopard-print chairs, flock carpets, diamonds, heavy décolletage and bottle-blonde hair.’
    • ‘We first see Spider's father as a brutal heavy drinker who escapes to the pub from which he then slips off with a bottle-blonde tart with a haggy cackle.’
    • ‘As bottle-blonde Maureen, the requisite tragic heroine, Reilly must appear naked in various tableaux vivants.’
    • ‘I saw Dr. Wright talking to a bottle-blonde woman who had her back to me.’
    • ‘There were leather-faced men in bright shirts and brown jackets, with signet rings and bottle-blonde girlfriends.’
    • ‘Although how she could spoil the memory of a weedy, mustachioed guy with a bottle-blonde mullet is beyond me.’
    • ‘Lanie Kerrigan is a reporter at a Seattle news station with bottle-blond hair, designer bod and pad, sports star boyfriend, and ambition to spare.’
    • ‘Meanwhile back at the surgery, Joanna, the bottle-blonde receptionist, has found a shade of mascara which matches her top.’
    • ‘While the bottle-blond hair may have gone, the ambition remains the same.’
    • ‘But in person Concetta is giggly and shy, with bottle-blonde hair and a Betty Boop voice.’
    • ‘The personalised leather tote bags made the unfortunate souls at the back pull furiously at their bottle-blonde locks, tearing chunks out at the root.’
    • ‘She had bottle-blond, stick-straight hair pulled back into a tight bun, brown eyes, and a slightly plump figure.’
    • ‘We sat by the window where we could watch the bottle-blonde girls totter along on their ridiculously tall high heels, gripping at the bottom of their belt-like skirts to stop them riding up.’
    • ‘Back in the days when Andre Agassi had flowing, bottle-blond locks, he was a trend-setter and an icon.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde
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  • A woman with artificially lightened blond hair.

    ‘a bottle blond who winks at the camera’
    • ‘I had heard bottle blondes and blonde bombshells spoken of with contempt.’
    • ‘The waitress was a brassy, down-to-earth bottle blond with a heavy New Yawk accent.’
    • ‘Supper came from the same barbecue joint where I recently eavesdropped on a conversation between a bottle blonde and her young friend.’
    • ‘Evidence of Madonna's iconic status was as easy to spot as roots among the bottle blondes outside the First Union Center in Philadelphia the night of the U.S. debut of her ‘Drowned World’ tour.’
    • ‘Chrissie, if anything, was Sabrina's complete opposite: being a loud-mouthed, bottle-blonde with too much make up, she was the most popular girl in school.’
    • ‘I think I took in most of the information, despite being a bottle blonde, but there was something which was distracting me.’
    • ‘A bottle blonde with a tan leaning toward that cured leather look, she had the unmistakable aura of a woman who had, on more than one occasion, awakened in an unfamiliar bed wearing some cowboy's shirt.’
    • ‘When I finally did leap upon a 19, grabbing the back of the top deck, I found myself behind two bottle blondes and a toddler.’
    • ‘At best, bottle blondes are equated with an artifice and at worst, deceitfulness and Machiavellian scheming.’
    • ‘‘Look,’ said Mary, a bottle blonde from the Midlands, brandishing a fake Louise Voitton handbag.’
    • ‘She snorted, and accused me of obliging her to become a bottle blonde.’
    • ‘The 34-year-old bottle blonde was wearing a white dress and a lilac leather jacket as she stormed around the courtroom.’
    • ‘Wake up, you studio heads - she is smarter and sexier than the braindead bottle blondes you guys keep sticking on the A-list.’
    • ‘Oliver Stone's casting of Colin Farrell as a bottle blond has sparked a backlash from traditionalists.’
    • ‘Janelle tells Stingray the caller was just a client wanting to ring her at home to make an appointment, and that the secret is just that she's a bottle blonde.’
    • ‘A quick peek at their website biographies will reveal the contestants before the gloss of network television: ratted bangs, bottle blondes, and trailer park princesses who place all of their hopes and dreams in a deftly arched back.’
    • ‘The bottle blonde also claimed to have had an affair with a policeman who went to her home to investigate a burglary - although he denied any impropriety.’