Definition of bottle bill in US English:

bottle bill


  • Any of several US state laws that require deposits to be paid on beverages sold in recyclable bottles and cans.

    • ‘The packaging law required deposits on packaging and take-back by retailers (a system similar to the bottle bills in 10 U.S. states), but it gave manufacturers an important ‘out’ in allowing them to design their own recycling program.’
    • ‘It has so far successfully dodged responsibility for packaging waste; fought off bottle bills; and protected its right to pollute in a myriad of ways.’
    • ‘Since then, though some cities have inaugurated bottle redemption on their own (most notably, Columbia, Missouri), the number of bottle bill states has been frozen at 10, despite the fact that the laws are extremely effective.’
    • ‘Beverage companies detest bottle bills; other users of recycled plastics want them passed.’
    • ‘Franklin says deposit systems, or so-called bottle bills, would go a long way to improving the collection of used water bottles, especially since only half the country has curbside recycling available.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that the recycling rates in bottle bill states are much higher than the average.’
    • ‘In bottle bill states, 78 percent of beer and soda containers are recovered, as opposed to 38 percent elsewhere.’
    • ‘Opening the doors for privately-owned waste disposal plants will call for legislative changes, for example a meaningful bottle bill, like the one the EMA has had for years and is somehow being delayed and delayed.’
    • ‘If passed, it would mark Oregon as much as the state's open beaches and the bottle bill.’
    • ‘Empirical studies have shown that bottle bills have led to increased recycling and decreased littering.’
    • ‘A friend of mine was working for a bottle bill initiative, a thing to recycle bottles or whatever, and they needed someone to help out.’