Definition of bottarga in US English:



  • The dried, pressed roe of the mullet, which is sold in blocks and shaved over Italian dishes.

    • ‘Gill's pan-fried sea bass with tabbouleh, preserved lemon, bottarga and lemon oil was less successful, with the flavours clashing a little too violently.’
    • ‘And a seafood triumvirate of bluefin tuna, prawn in parsley purée, and scallop carpaccio with bottarga is too stingily portioned to fully enjoy.’
    • ‘The antipasto Sardo was a measly portion of charcuterie on curasao shamed by the piles of cheese and meat and bottarga and preserved vegetables at my own local Sardinian in Kentish Town, Pane Vino.’
    • ‘Arrange the tortelli on top of the sauce and garnish with the grated bottarga and micro arugula.’
    • ‘Try shaved raw artichoke with bottarga, linguine al granchio and salt-baked sea bass or the home-made salsiccia.’


Italian, from Arabic buṭarkhah, from Coptic outarakhon.