Definition of Boston terrier in US English:

Boston terrier


  • A small smooth-coated terrier of a breed originating in Massachusetts from a crossing of a bulldog and terrier.

    • ‘As a child, when I played the accordion, our Boston terrier would yodel and scream.’
    • ‘And I love to spend time with my sisters' kids and with my Boston terrier, Mickey.’
    • ‘Like Boston cream pie, which isn't really a pie, the Boston terrier isn't precisely a terrier, though the breed's original ingredients did include a number of terriers.’
    • ‘The living room is very tidy, with rustic pine furniture and a tiny, black-and-white Boston terrier curled up on the rug.’
    • ‘Felix began to hiss and scratch at his mistress's back as she held him in her arms in an attempt to get away from the small Boston terrier.’
    • ‘The breed remained popular until World War I, when the Boston terrier gained overnight celebrity, supplanting the French bulldog as high society's favorite little dog.’
    • ‘That, too, paled next to his description of a man who feared he had transmitted HIV to his Boston terrier.’
    • ‘Being a Boston terrier, he thought the whole thing was funny, and made sure to leap on all the beds, trailing pondwater as he zoomed around the house, laughing a wide dog smile.’
    • ‘Among terriers, only the Yorkshire terrier and the Boston terrier saw more registrations in 1998.’
    • ‘Maxi, a Boston terrier, is adorned with pearls and a pink leather collar with her name spelled out in rhinestones.’
    • ‘The dog or dog emblem is the Boston terrier, while the cat or cat emblem is the tabby cat.’
    • ‘Ansanelli has had many dramatic roles, but this is the first time she has to command a Boston terrier to ‘heel’ and ‘sit’ on stage.’
    • ‘We should cherish these glimpses of her as it won't be long before she goes to ground again, squirrelling away in her Manhattan apartment or the Virginia bolt-hole she shares with two pugs and a Boston terrier.’
    • ‘We have a Boston terrier we left at a kennel for three weeks.’