Definition of Boston lettuce in US English:

Boston lettuce


  • A butterhead lettuce of a variety that has medium or light green leaves.

    • ‘Use spinach, romaine, Boston lettuce, endive, kale, and baby field greens to boost the nutritional charge.’
    • ‘Remember, a serving is only a half-cup of mixed veggies such as zucchini or broccoli or 1 cup of the leafy stuff like red leaf or Boston lettuce.’
    • ‘But that discounts the ingenious inclusion of Boston lettuce, which just compounds the green on green, with ... more green.’
    • ‘On a visit to the produce section, I was shocked to find Boston lettuce at $3 a pound and heirloom tomatoes at $4.99 per pound.’
    • ‘Caribbean islands are typically known for their tropical fruits—not for vegetables like vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh European cucumbers and tender, delicious Boston lettuce.’