Definition of Boston fern in US English:

Boston fern


  • A variety of sword fern, with long, arching bright green fronds, widely cultivated especially as a hanging houseplant.

    Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis, family Dryopteridaceae

    • ‘The most effective air-filtering plants include aloe vera, areca palms, Boston ferns, chrysanthemums, dwarf date palms, English ivy, ficus, philoden-dron, pothos, spider plants, and striped dracaena.’
    • ‘Four-month-old Chinese brake fern, slender brake fern, and Boston fern were obtained from a commercial nursery.’
    • ‘One 80-degree day is all it takes for me to fling open the windows, get out the shorts and tell the Boston fern it's time to let the spring breezes ruffle her frumpy fronds for a change.’
    • ‘Plants that thrive indoors include Boston ferns, Chinese evergreens, and peace lilies.’
    • ‘Heptapleurum, the parasol plant, is a cheerful thing to have at the end of the bath and a fat Boston fern has the effect of bringing the garden indoors.’