Definition of Boston baked beans in US English:

Boston baked beans

plural noun

  • A dish of baked beans with salt pork and molasses.

    • ‘The dish which inspired the canning of this product was Boston baked beans.’
    • ‘Adding a teaspoon to a cream soup or drizzling a few drops around a plate can add a complex sweetness to traditional dishes such as Boston baked beans.’
    • ‘In the Northeast, beans were stewed with maple syrup and bacon to make classic Boston baked beans, which are actually a variation on a Native American bean dish stewed with venison.’
    • ‘The New England kitchen was staffed by costumed guides who served visitors Boston baked beans and brown bread.’
    • ‘The Bush Burrito has chicken with Texas hickory sauce, while the Kerry one has Boston baked beans and Heinz 57 sauce.’


Boston baked beans