Definition of Borscht Belt in US English:

Borscht Belt


the Borscht Belt
North American
  • A resort area in the Catskill Mountains frequented chiefly by Jewish guests.

    as modifier ‘Borscht Belt entertainers’
    • ‘‘Uncle Miltie,’ as he was called by a nation of millions, brought old-fashioned Borscht Belt comedy - complete with vaudeville routines and nightclub standup - to the very small screen of the brand new broadcast showcase.’
    • ‘The stories in ABC's ‘Arabian Nights’ may be familiar, but the Borscht Belt humor and cute Israeli star add a frisson of Peace Accord to the project.’
    • ‘My only disappointment is that Lewis failed to have the king of Borscht Belt corn say ‘Take my knife… please.’’
    • ‘He may be the last link to the old Borscht Belt comedians, the old Vegas, the old nightclubs and stage shows, the real swank days of lounge culture.’
    • ‘He's aspiring toward arena tours on one end and the Borscht Belt comedy circuit in the Catskills on the other.’
    • ‘When the cameras stop rolling, Byrd regales the crew with old standby impersonations, including Billy Crystal's Borscht Belt wizard from The Princess Bride and Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop.’
    • ‘As Roger Ebert has noted, in these films' unique combination of Borscht Belt humor and surrealism lies the inspiration for writers ranging from Woody Allen to Eugene Ionesco.’
    • ‘The Borscht Belt was where 9-year-old Ames had his first gig, when a ‘Jackie Mason type’ took Jonathan for an easy mark, only to get a wisecrack in response.’
    • ‘As an extreme character - the glare, the hair, the Borscht Belt delivery, the aphorisms - she is so easy to parody that Saturday Night Live has done it three times.’
    • ‘Fan favorite Spaceballs may be someone's idea of manna from a meteor shower, but for most the spoof is nothing new in the Mel Brooks canon, more Borscht Belt than asteroid belt.’
    • ‘In the Louis XIV scene she sings lyrics to Chopin's originally instrumental ‘Minute Waltz’ in a mixture of Borscht Belt and parodically operatic voices.’
    • ‘There's a career for you in the Borscht Belt yet.’
    • ‘The nasal Borscht Belt shtick was tired in the movie, but on stage it's irritating.’
    • ‘And so Davis skewers the issues, in a style that could be described as Ogden Nash works the Borscht Belt.’


Borscht Belt

/ˈbôrSHt ˌbelt/