Definition of borosilicate in US English:



  • usually as modifier A low-melting-point glass made from a mixture of silica and boric oxide (B₂O₃).

    • ‘Microelectrodes were made from borosilicate glass and filled with a 3M KCl solution for the two-electrode experiments.’
    • ‘The scattering cells consisted of polished borosilicate vials with stoppers.’
    • ‘All aliquots were stored at 20 [degrees] C in sterile glass borosilicate tubes for future analyses.’
    • ‘The most important boron compound commercially is sodium borate, used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass, glass fiber insulation, and textile glass fiber.’
    • ‘The incident titanium-sapphire laser beam was introduced though the borosilicate glass bottom of the culture chamber before entering the bottom of the dermal equivalent and focusing at a plane inside the dermal equivalent.’
    • ‘The GMT will use the lightweight, honeycombed borosilicate primary mirrors for which the Mirror Lab is famous.’
    • ‘The aliquots of lipids were placed into borosilicate glass tubes, dried with an argon stream, and kept under vacuum for at least 2 h to remove the remains of chloroform.’
    • ‘Briefly, microelectrodes were pulled from borosilicate glass capillaries, oven-dried, and silanized with tributylchlorosilane.’
    • ‘Each sample was stirred, mixed by pipeting up and down until suspended and transferred to a borosilicate glass test tube and mixed with 10 ml distilled water.’
    • ‘In the case of high-level waste, the nuclear industry has pioneered the stabilization of the liquid streams through vitrification into borosilicate glass blocks.’
    • ‘They offer chemically inert fluid paths of Teflon, Kel-F, and borosilicate glass.’
    • ‘Finally, the ‘caribou’ sample was filtered through binder-free borosilicate glass filters that had been baked overnight at ~ 600 degC to remove organic contamination.’
    • ‘Pipettes were pulled from thin-walled borosilicate glass and had a resistance between 1.5 and 2.5 Mil.’
    • ‘Briefly, two borosilicate glass capillaries of 1.0 and 1.5 mm in diameter were twisted together and pulled to a micropipette.’
    • ‘The borosilicate pipettes were coated with dental wax to record macroscopic currents and with sylgard to record single-channel currents.’
    • ‘Made only of tough heat resistant borosilicate glass, the lantern consists essentially of two concentric cylinders, separated by an evacuated space.’
    • ‘Therefore, the surfaces of borosilicate glass test tubes, pipettes, and so forth, have an affinity for endotoxin, and its removal is essential before they are used for the dilution of endotoxin.’
    • ‘Some well-known borosilicate glasses are Jena, Pyrex, Durax, and Thermoglass.’
    • ‘The region of the TLC lane containing the corticosterone was scraped and the silica collected into a borosilicate glass tube.’
    • ‘These pigments are the first line of titanium-dioxide-coated borosilicate flakes that match the color of other pearls.’