Definition of born and bred in US English:

born and bred


  • By birth and upbringing, especially when considered a typical product of a place.

    ‘he was a born and bred product of the Bronx’
    • ‘But it could demonstrate a twisted streak in him that he would not want to play for the country both he and his parents were born and bred in.’
    • ‘The dog born and bred in the parish certainly proved a true champion in the final on Saturday night, June 1st.’
    • ‘Cleckheaton born and bred, he originally trained as a chef because his father was a pub landlord, but he decided on a career in teaching instead.’
    • ‘Being Glaswegian born and bred, I have an inexplicable dislike of Edinburgh and the thought of a day in the capital did not really appeal to me.’
    • ‘Although born and bred in Lismore, over the last two years the article has been done from our new hometown, Brisbane.’
    • ‘‘A lot of it is what I remember from my youth,’ said David, who was born and bred in Cowling.’
    • ‘I was born and bred in Belfast but my parents are from Dungannon and I've always played for Dungannon.’
    • ‘Based on her memories of the north-east town of Strichen, where she was born and bred, it was generally well-received.’
    • ‘He was born and bred here and was extremely well liked.’
    • ‘As a Yorkshireman, born and bred, I would always argue that the best parts of England lie within the county's boundaries.’
    • ‘A Langcliffe woman who was born and bred by the sea has joined the crew of a tall ship to raise funds for the Mission to Seafarers charity.’
    • ‘What would then happen if we went riding on the land belonging to my brother and I and chased a fox, which had been born and bred on our land and had eaten our pheasants?’
    • ‘Mr Leahy, born and bred in Dublin, was called to the bar in 1979 and made a senior counsel in 1997.’
    • ‘Madrid born and bred, his family were ardent Atletico fans.’
    • ‘The first group of bombers were rather well-to-do, born and bred in Britain for the most part.’
    • ‘Both Mike and Rita are born and bred in the Test Valley area.’
    • ‘Chili was born and bred in San Antonio and real chili never met a tomato!’
    • ‘He is proud of the fact that he is born and bred in Durrow.’
    • ‘Tom is London born and bred, which is clear from his sound, his voice, but it isn't London-y in an overbearing way either, which is nice.’
    • ‘A Blade born and bred, he quite obviously couldn't have been more excited if he'd been handed the keys to Old Trafford or the Bernabeu.’