Definition of born-free in US English:



  • (in Africa) a member of a generation born in a country after its transition to democracy (in particular post-apartheid South Africa or post-independence Zimbabwe)

    ‘the born-frees will make up about a third of voters by 2019’
    • ‘The time had come to dismantle race-based laws, given that some of the born-free generation had never suffered discrimination.’
    • ‘Without much notice, the first group of the so-called 'born-free' generation quietly reached voting age in 2012.’
    • ‘Growing up as a South African born-free does not mean apartheid did not affect me.’
    • ‘Researchers warn that the born-frees' hopefulness could sour once their expectations of a better life are not met.’
    • ‘The vote of the born-free will be the decider, or will it?’
    • ‘Thomas is a young, born-free black man who works for Blythe.’
    • ‘Nearly two million born-frees can vote next year, when the president is likely to seek re-election.’
    • ‘The born-frees make up a huge segment of the population and some older South Africans contend that they are apathetic and apolitical.’