Definition of Boricua in US English:



  • A Puerto Rican, especially one living in the United States.

    • ‘So I'm a Boricua from Spanish Harlem, NY.’
    • ‘And this year's theme was, "Boricuas… We count, we vote!"’
    • ‘Puerto Ricans often proudly identify themselves as Boricua, from the Taíno word Boriken, to illustrate their recognition of their Taíno heritage.’
    • ‘The mission of the Center for Chicano-Boricua Studies (CBS) is to transform the University, and ultimately society, by providing equitable access to a quality university education to students interested in Latin American issues and culture, and to enhance the environment of diversity on the campus.’
    • ‘It was presented in collaboration with the Boricua Festival Committee.’
    • ‘During my time on the road I am finding that Boricuas create their own experience in whatever surroundings they find themselves in.’
    • ‘This page is dedicated to all "Boricuas" no matter where you find yourselves, and no matter where you were "born."’
    • ‘I became the Invisible Taino Indian or the invisible Boricua.’