Definition of Border collie in US English:

Border collie


also border collie
  • A common working sheepdog, typically with a black and white coat, of a medium-sized breed originating near the border between England and Scotland.

    • ‘Being a Border collie, or ‘Sheep dog’, one of the hardest working dogs today, he was never trained.’
    • ‘He was hardheaded, confident, and—uncommon for a Border collie—had a sense of humor.’
    • ‘A few minutes later, after quickly grabbing a coat and a scarf found hanging rejected on a clothes peg, he was ready to take the Border collie for a walk.’
    • ‘Through years of boot soles and Border collie paws the unfinished plank floor has grayed and smoothed to ashen silk.’
    • ‘Jessie's a Border collie, and really good with the puppies.’
    • ‘The serious work is being done by a sprightly black-and-white Border collie named Jessie.’
    • ‘Sue said: ‘As a Border collie, he is very intelligent and needs to be stimulated.’’
    • ‘Thomas also trains his other dog, Lily, a five-year-old Border collie, and they lost out in the qualification for the Crufts agility competition in the semi finals.’
    • ‘We had company again from Martin's umbrella guarding best friend—the farmer's Border collie pup.’
    • ‘She cried onto the Border collie's shoulder and Samantha swallowed hard, instinctively knowing what the doctor must have told her.’
    • ‘The tic-tic-tic sound of claws on wood came rapidly down the staircase and the Border collie bounced down into the kitchen, its tail wagging and its earnest brown eyes shining with intelligence.’
    • ‘The Border collie squealed out in surprised when Taro grabbed her around the middle and began tickling her in return.’
    • ‘The Border collie was playful and at times a little too active.’
    • ‘Such a dog is Devon, a two-year-old Border collie whom Katz describes as ‘equal parts manic and panic’ but nevertheless adopts over the objections of his wife and the initial astonishment of his two Labs.’
    • ‘Today, he pulls the leashes of a Border collie and a yellow Lab, both overweight and panting hard.’
    • ‘Their dogs, mainly Border collies, detect air-borne human scent, often at a considerable distance.’
    • ‘That changed when they got Jessie, a Border collie and black Labrador mix, who has since accompanied Field to work every day for five years.’
    • ‘When I met him he possessed the two most important tools of the trade, a faithful horse and a smart Border collie.’
    • ‘The next morning I wandered from the bedroom to find him sprawled on the living room couch with Clara, our little four-year-old Border collie.’
    • ‘Inspector Stephen Marais says it is looking for German shepherds, Rottweilers, Border collies, cocker spaniels, Labrador retrievers and kelpies to be trained in police work.’


Border collie

/ˈbôrdər ˌkälē//ˈbɔrdər ˌkɑli/