Definition of bordelaise in English:



  • Served with a sauce of red wine and onions.

    [postpositive] ‘lobster bordelaise’
    • ‘Put an oyster and some Bordelaise sauce in each shell and top with a pinch of romano and a squeeze of lemon.’
    • ‘Add 1 cup of bordelaise sauce and mix gently for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘Entrecôte steaks also have their classic garnishes such as béarnaise sauce, and many other items (e.g. à la bordelaise).’
    • ‘The menu was very different too: it was all classical French dishes like steak bordelaise and chips and petit salé of duck.’
    • ‘Prepare the Crawfish Bordelaise Sauce, and cover to keep warm.’
    • ‘I was looking at an old issue and saw a recipe for beef tenderloin with bordelaise sauce.’
    • ‘Roast that baby over broken wine barrels and you've got Entrecote à la bordelaise - your girlfriend will be so thrilled that you made a French dinner for her, the weekend will take care of itself.’
    • ‘I made Grilled Marinated Pork Chops with New Orleans Style Bordelaise sauce, green onion mashed potatoes, and asparagus.’
    • ‘The menu, in its black leather holder, begins with Hot Starters, with the first item being Queen Scallops Bordelaise, flambéed in pastis and served with parmesan and oregano crisp and set on a light bordelaise sauce.’
    • ‘Lumpy Yukon gold mash goes underneath, as does subtle roasted garlic bordelaise.’
    • ‘I opened it up right to the meat section and found something that interested me: Steak à la Bordelaise.’
    • ‘In the Middle Ages the commercially acute Bordelais virtually trade-marked their distinctive barrique bordelaise, carefully designating its dimensions and prohibiting its use outside the region.’
    • ‘His steak bordelaise comes with such an unbelievably rich and delicious red-wine-and-shallot sauce that you will never miss the slices of poached beef marrow which are the traditional garnish.’
    • ‘Just before serving break crispy bacon into pieces and sprinkle over the bordelaise.’
    • ‘You might even develop an appetite for such delicacies as foie gras and bordelaise dessert canelais on the way.’
    • ‘Bordelaise sauce is a French concoction made from wine, beef broth, shallots, parsley and other herbs, all simmered together to create harmonious gravy with depth and complexity’
    • ‘What vegetable is the key ingredient in a bordelaise sauce?’
    • ‘One afternoon, I enjoyed a decent rendition of huevos rancheros and also a fine example of the old New Orleans dish eggs Hussard, garnished with ham, tomatoes, and a delicious though lethal mixture of bordelaise and hollandaise sauces.’
    • ‘In New Orleans, the dish is called Bordelaise, even though there's not a drop of red Bordeaux in it.’
    • ‘It is prepared "à la Bordelaise."’


French, from (à la) bordelaise Bordeaux-style.