Definition of borate in US English:



  • A salt in which the anion contains both boron and oxygen, as in borax.

    • ‘I anxiously await the final volume, which will cover principally borates, carbonates, and sulfates.’
    • ‘Likewise, the Calico borates, and those mined subsequently at other sites, ‘opened up a new and permanent supply [in the form of colemanite) and in quantity sufficient for whatever demand might be made upon it.’’
    • ‘On the other hand, there are many oxysalts, including uncommon borates, nitrates, iodates, selenites, and selenates.’
    • ‘If you're still uncomfortable using it you can use one of its salts, sodium borate, also known as borax (the stuff people used to wash clothes in) for the same effect.’
    • ‘Democratic attempts in 1888 and 1893 to place crude and refined borates and boric acid on the free list failed.’
    • ‘The borates on the claims in Mule Canyon originated through sedimentation on an ancient lake bed.’
    • ‘When Calico's borates were exhausted, Smith's foresight and resources enabled him to shift operations to Death Valley.’
    • ‘The borate ingredient in the fire-protection solution makes the wood a less than ideal food source, so it is resistant to termite and fungal damage as well.’
    • ‘A wide variety of electrolytes are used to produce the desired surface properties: chromic acid, sulfuric acid, and oxalic acid are the most common but borates, citrates and oxoacids are also sometimes used.’
    • ‘In the laboratory borate is used to prevent bacterial growth in protein preparations.’
    • ‘Certain salts, such as the dichromates, borates, and silicates, act as inhibitors to the aqueous corrosion of zinc.’
    • ‘In cases where the wood will not be exposed to the soil or water, borates, a form of naturally occurring salt, will help prevent decay from fungi and wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants and termites.’
    • ‘However, the borate chemical often slowly leaches out of most materials when exposed to ground water.’
    • ‘The carbodiimide was washed with a phosphate buffer and the beads were resuspended in a borate buffer.’
    • ‘He has replaced toxic chemicals with inorganic borates which have the same toxicity as table salt.’
    • ‘Perhaps boric acid or sodium borate can be added to the paper layer or slurry of gypsum during the making of wallboard.’
    • ‘The most important boron compound commercially is sodium borate, used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass, glass fiber insulation, and textile glass fiber.’
    • ‘Aluminum borate is used in the production of glass and ceramics.’
    • ‘In addition to nitrates, the evaporate deposits include borates (in particular ulexite) and potash.’
    • ‘The addition of phosphor copper or the use of a phosphate or borate slag flux cover and thorough stirring improves the rate of lead removal.’