Definition of bora in English:



  • A strong, cold, dry northeast wind blowing in the upper Adriatic.

    • ‘In the summer the bora blows as a local wind and then lasts only a few days.’
    • ‘Trieste is at its best in spring and autumn, away from the humid summer heat and the often severe winters, when the biting bora wind can blow so hard that makeshift rope handrails need to be strung along the steepest streets.’
    • ‘After the Bora blows into town, there's always a story in the paper about someone getting hit with a flying roadsign or a flowerbox that was ripped from a windowsill.’
    • ‘Finally, the bora has arrived (although the Triestines tell me it is still speeding up).’
    • ‘In winter bora blows more often, stronger and for longer periods (3-7 days), and it can even bring snow on the islands.’


Mid 19th century: dialect variant of Italian borea, from Latin boreas north wind (see boreal).