Definition of boppy in US English:



  • (of pop music) suitable or good for dancing to.

    ‘a boppy, lively tune’
    • ‘This piece is bright, colourful, and has boppy music, which is exactly the sort of thing audiences love.’
    • ‘Not a single one of these songs is a boppy, nostalgic throwaway in which such a cheesy synth-tone might be acceptable.’
    • ‘On this album, there are good-time, boppy tunes, always with a lyrical edge.’
    • ‘Although there are a few upbeat and boppy tracks, the general mood it generates is a dreamy, laid-back and wonderfully relaxing one.’
    • ‘He sets the song to his boppiest beat, an arrangement totally at odds with the band's brand of confrontational hardcore.’
    • ‘You will recognize the title's origins, with the boppy, happy and colourful music ensuring you feel at home.’
    • ‘She isn't the best pop star working today but some of the music on show is boppy and catchy in the best way possible.’
    • ‘It makes for a fun, boppy finish to what is one of their nicer albums.’
    • ‘Alternating from soft and smooth, lounge-type music to more uptempo and boppy songs, this album is filled with quirky little numbers and surprising twists.’