Definition of bootlace in English:



  • A cord or leather strip for lacing boots.

    • ‘She bent to make sure her tall orange bootlaces were tied.’
    • ‘There's little subcutaneous fat there anymore, and that's a blessing, especially when it comes to tying bootlaces.’
    • ‘She quickly fastened her bootlaces and then proceeded to roll up her sleeping bag, dusting off dirt and debris as she did so.’
    • ‘One of the most tedious jobs I ever did at The Board was to look after the narrow fabrics industry: ribbons, bootlaces, elastics etc - not the most exhilarating of fields to work in.’
    • ‘To some he was solid, reliable, well-intentioned and a rugby man to the tips of his bootlaces.’
    • ‘He was born with the will to win, and any player who doesn't share that passion might as well not bother tying his bootlaces.’
    • ‘Fortunately for my well-being, she noticed the object entangled within my bootlaces.’
    • ‘He reaches down and starts untying her other bootlace and gently pulling her boots and socks off, massaging her feet and ankles as he does.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you can crouch down and either re-tie your bootlaces or search the pitch for four-leafed clovers.’
    • ‘They're pretty, I suppose, but have all the allure for me of a diamond-encrusted casserole dish, or gold-and-ruby bootlaces.’
    • ‘The tagliatelle had been sitting under a hot lamp for so long that it looked like a mound of bleached bootlaces, only crispier.’
    • ‘It hardly seemed appropriate to point out that the ‘foul’ leading up to the goal was merely a case of the Sunderland man falling over his own bootlaces.’
    • ‘He stayed there for 10 days, learning how the commandos live, dress and even the way they tie their bootlaces.’
    • ‘Brewster led the break from the halfway line, stretching out his right foot to cushion a difficult ball on his bootlaces.’
    • ‘I was thundering down the stairs, somehow managing not to trip on my untied bootlaces, when Joe intercepted me at the bottom.’
    • ‘By the time Michael O'Loughlin first tied up his bootlaces at the SCG back in 1994, the landscape of Australian rules football for indigenous players had already began changing.’
    • ‘He was so obsessed with being perfect that as a child he not only washed his kit, but also ironed his bootlaces before matches.’
    • ‘In his coupé he had loosened his bootlaces and waistbelt, removed his jacket.’
    • ‘The goal had come against the run of play and O'Neill was making the young full-back look as if he had his bootlaces tied together.’
    • ‘His lack of composure was obvious just a couple of minutes before half-time when he surged to the edge of the penalty area and, with two men in support, succeeded only in tangling himself in Craig Moore's bootlaces.’
    shoelace, shoestring, lacing, string, cord, thong, twine, tie
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