Definition of bootie in US English:


(also bootee)


  • 1A soft shoe, typically a knitted one worn by a baby.

    • ‘How sporting of Ahriman to sit in the corner and knit booties while Duncan gets his head together.’
    • ‘I'd planned to arrive at their house one day all smiles and carrying a little pair of woollen booties.’
    • ‘They get her footprints, and they dress her in a tiny, yellow lace gown, complete with matching booties and a yellow knit cap.’
    • ‘I should go out and buy little booties or something.’
    • ‘Louisa sat in her rocking chair knitting away more booties for no one.’
    • ‘It's so easy to point fingers, but put yourself in a Crack Baby's booties for a second.’
    • ‘Fluffy pink baby booties lay in the palm of my hand.’
    • ‘Organic cotton clothing items available for infants include baby gowns, one-piece outfits, undershirts, sleepwear, booties, dresses, caps, jumpers, and bibs.’
    • ‘Grandma was probably in front of the television, obliviously knitting her booties.’
    • ‘I think Grandma was knitting her booties again.’
    • ‘My friends aren't much help since they are all boring married couples that would rather stay at home and knit booties than go out.’
    • ‘But my fears of sleepless nights were totally unfounded because five-month-old Oliver, bless his cotton booties, is not usually the crying type.’
    • ‘Encased in tiny silky booties, the feet would stay softer than a baby's bum.’
    • ‘Mrs Tutka, who lives in Chippenham, has knitted baby clothes for the last 12 years, creating hundreds of blankets, clothes and booties for the infants of poor immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia, who arrive in Israel without a penny.’
    • ‘Her two-year-old daughter wore pink booties - along with a black hat with ‘army of Allah’ written on it in gold.’
    • ‘‘But last week a special decorative basket, a pair of child's booties and a special vase were also taken and other items rearranged on his grave so we wouldn't notice,’ she said.’
    • ‘I wished someone had warned me that baby booties are really fiddly to sew up.’
    • ‘My mother was not only a talented seamstress but handy with tools (as a baby, she once dressed me up like a Smurf complete with a homemade white cap and booties, and a working stroller made of twigs and old logs).’
    • ‘I also picked up some flowery ribbon thingies that would be good for lining baby booties.’
    • ‘We also include our golf shoe bootie or baby golf hat with all of our infant outfits.’
  • 2A woman's short boot.

    • ‘All her crowd has moved on to Mukluks, handmade Canadian bootees, which until a couple of months ago have looked sensible wear for two-year-olds and Eskimos only.’
    • ‘Not your typical galoshes, the slick rubber booties have an adorable white heel and are less about puddle-splashing, more about stylish strolls in the mist.’
    • ‘I mean, did they really think they could, just by stamping their million-dollar booties on the ground like some pampered rich man's son, get the sympathy of the country?’
    • ‘Those boxing booties are the bad kind of sport-fashion fusion.’
    • ‘Does their work and data make up for the numerous impacts of many a well-turned ankle clad in contoured Dior bootees?’
    • ‘No matter what your stance on these clunky, cozy booties, it's not going to stop quite yet.’
    • ‘You've bought the Gucci diamond-studded collar, the Prada booties and booked a minibreak at the dog spa.’
  • 3A protective shoe or lining for a shoe.

    • ‘The little rescue party, wearing the post-Katrina fashion statement of plastic pants with bootees that go over their shoes and suspenders, veered quickly.’
    • ‘A couple of pairs of polyester rich socks, topped with a nice thick pair of hiking style socks and a pair of thinsulate booties will give your feet a fighting chance of staying if not warm then bearable.’
    • ‘Finally, scuba booties will protect your feet from the sun and chafing from your fins, and will come in handy for launching and landing your kayak.’
    • ‘While racing, the dogs wear special water resistant booties.’
    • ‘He outfitted the animals with rawhide booties to protect their feet from the gravel and rock of the treacherous trails.’
    • ‘The bootie has an outsole for improved traction that utilizes a screen rubber pattern identical to the main shoe's outsole.’
    • ‘Contrary to health and safety regulations, the Duke refused to wear a hairnet and bootees while touring a factory in the Australian farming town of Wagga Wagga, rendering that day's production useless.’
    • ‘I watched a blue-lipped girl in a rented semi-drysuit fill her booties with hot water in the toilets at Stoney Cove, trying to prepare herself for a second, icy dive.’
    • ‘I snapped on three pairs of gloves and two sets of booties over work boots and stepped inside a large plastic moon suit.’
    • ‘With the perfect mix of performance and fashion, this sport lifestyle shoe's most innovative feature is the removable interior bootie.’
    • ‘His wound opened, and he was not given booties to even protect his infected and swollen foot.’
    • ‘Just slide a pair of booties over your road shoes, and much of the moisture will stay away from your feet.’
    • ‘They were wearing disposable paper anti-contamination suits with face masks and booties.’
    • ‘New this year, the waterproof neoprene Gaiter booties slip over running shoes or hiking boots.’


Late 18th century (spelled bootee, as a proprietary term for a kind of women's boot): from boot + -ee or -ie.