Definition of booster seat in US English:

booster seat


  • An extra seat or cushion placed on an existing seat for a small child to sit on.

    • ‘Children in a booster seat have a 60 percent lower risk of sustaining a serious injury due to the seat belt being positioned correctly over a child's shoulder.’
    • ‘I am sitting in a booster seat which is placed beside my mother (the driver) in the middle of the front seat.’
    • ‘He placed her in a booster seat and walked over to the buffet.’
    • ‘Many parents incorrectly believe that their child is too old for a child seat or a booster seat.’
    • ‘Make sure your child always uses a booster seat until at least 60 lbs. and he is tall enough for the car's lap and shoulder belt to be positioned correctly.’
    • ‘For this you need to look at ones that convert from rear to forward facing and that you can use a booster seat when the child gets older.’
    • ‘A booster seat helps the seat belt fit better for older children who are not big enough for the safety belt alone.’
    • ‘Parents' excuses included the belief that their children were too big for car seats and saying that the booster seat was in another car.’
    • ‘Fewer than 1% of the sample had used a booster seat or were involved in a crash where an airbag was deployed, and we therefore excluded these subjects.’
    • ‘I hate to think what would have happened to our youngest had he not been properly restrained in his booster seat with a five-point harness.’
    • ‘A booster seat lifts your child up so the seat belt fits right and protects your child.’
    • ‘A belt-positioning booster seat will help position the seat belts on your child's body and will fit your child until she weights about 60-80 pounds.’
    • ‘Failure to use a booster seat in a crash can result in seat belt syndrome, a pattern of intra-abdominal and spinal injuries caused by the improper fit of seat belts.’
    • ‘However, staff greeted us enthusiastically and quicker than a flash were fitting a booster seat on to a chair for Eva.’
    • ‘After all, if the desk is higher, a short person can always get a booster seat.’
    • ‘Joey was boredly twiddling his thumbs at the table, and Adie was blabbering on and on to herself in her booster seat.’
    • ‘Use a booster seat if a safety belt crosses your child's belly.’
    • ‘Jesse bounced in his booster seat in back, nodding his little blond head.’
    • ‘Jordan climbed into his booster seat and strapped himself in.’
    • ‘Your child may be large enough to use a booster seat now.’
    pillow, bolster, headrest
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booster seat

/ˈbustər sit/