Definition of boomerang kid in US English:

boomerang kid

(also boomeranger)


  • A young adult who goes back to live with a parent after a period of independence.

    • ‘The rise of the prestigious but unpaid internship intersects perfectly with the rise of the boomeranger.’
    • ‘But while much attention has been paid to live-at-home ‘adultescents,’ little has been said about their parents, many of whom greet their boomerang kids with open arms.’
    • ‘Some boomerang kids may come and go for years, if not decades.’
    • ‘The term ‘boomerang kid’ was first used several years ago, when we saw grown children exhibiting a tremendous rate of return.’
    • ‘Most parents would never try these on their boomerang kids - but it's fun to imagine what would happen if they did.’
    • ‘All of my siblings have been boomerang kids.’
    • ‘What are the pros and cons of having a Boomerang Kid?’
    • ‘Boomerang kids should pay rent or contribute to the household in a very real, tangible way.’
    • ‘So hold your head high as a boomeranger, but don’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink.’
    • ‘Sharing with elderly parents, working from home and boomerang kids can all put stress upon family relationships.’
    • ‘Learn to merge your lifestyle and your home decor with your boomerang kids.’
    • ‘The ‘Boomerang Kids’ - young adults who left to go to college, get married or just strut their independence - are moving back in with mom and dad.’


boomerang kid