Definition of boom town in US English:

boom town

(also boomtown)


  • A town undergoing rapid growth due to sudden prosperity.

    ‘the automobile was in its heady adolescence, and Detroit was America's newest boom town’
    • ‘He has lived in suburbs and cities since a brief period in his childhood in the 50's, when he lived in the medium sized boom town of Midland before going to Andover.’
    • ‘Dunfermline is fast becoming a boom town, where people aspire to more than being on benefits.’
    • ‘The group will visit Beijing, Shanghai and the southern boom town of Shenzhen.’
    • ‘With the boom town of Birmingham nearly bust, Lou returned to Montgomery.’
    • ‘It seems that this boom town happily prioritized industry, which soon dominated the waterfront on all sides.’
    • ‘Spotting artists working in their studios can be more of a challenge, as the city has shifted from Bohemian heaven to Western boom town.’
    • ‘In theory, the entire city should be a boom town for black people.’
    • ‘And 25 winding kilometres away, the entertainment boom town of Branson is resisting.’
    • ‘Whole communities of millionaire's mansions are now spreading out into what was once pristine desert around the edges of the boom town.’
    • ‘It is not merely an oil town, a farm town, or a boom town; it just is.’
    • ‘Except for various signs of modern technology, such as the ubiquitous satellite dish, this could have been a boom town during the California gold rush.’
    • ‘The wealthy incomers and tourists enjoy the boom town blissfully ignorant of the neglect and misery tucked out of their sight.’
    • ‘It's only few hours by road from the coastal boom town of Wenzhou, and has been in constant use since the reign of the Kangxi emperor.’
    • ‘This was a key phase in the town's history representing a transition from an industrial boom town to a more established community.’
    • ‘Puerto Asis is a boom town with no visible means of support.’
    • ‘Instead of a mining boom town, Coolidge was an agricultural boom town founded on a bountiful cotton crop in 1925.’
    • ‘But she said she was surprised as Wiltshire high-tech boom town Swindon is a place with high employment rates and relatively good prospects for young people.’
    • ‘But just as Orgreave was witness to a turning point in history in 1984, it now faces a new and perhaps unlikely future as the would-be boom town of South Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Perth is something of a boom town, due to the immense mineral wealth of the state of Western Australia.’
    • ‘One of Brazil's impoverished, crime-ridden cities has been tipped to become a 21st century boom town by Britain's richest man.’


boom town

/ˈbum ˌtaʊn/