Definition of boom and bust in US English:

boom and bust

(also boom or bust)


  • A situation in which a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth is abruptly followed by one of economic decline.

    ‘he has warned it is a return to boom and bust’
    as modifier ‘the boom and bust business cycle’
    • ‘That is the highest number since the stock market boom and bust year of 2000.’
    • ‘In the USA in the 1990s, the capital market made new demands of corporate management as boom and bust in share prices raised issues about the market's influence on macroeconomic trajectory.’
    • ‘The world sugar price has always been volatile, boom or bust.’
    • ‘Some dealers say their sales were unaffected by the economic boom and bust.’
    • ‘This appears to be a continuing situation with the semi-conductor companies, which are continually in a boom or bust position.’
    • ‘No misunderstanding in economic science has done more harm than the role of money and credit in business boom and bust.’
    • ‘There was a lack of understanding as to the profound importance of general confidence in precipitating boom and bust dynamics.’
    • ‘The Bradford & Bingley research reveals distinct patterns in how people manage their monthly pay cheque and uncovers a 'boom and bust' trend, particularly among Briton's younger workers.’
    • ‘Having lived through that period myself, including the boom and bust of house prices, the similarities are many.’
    • ‘As for Her Majesty's government, it may want to take heed of the travails amid the housing boom and bust of the late 1980s and early 1990s.’
    • ‘The first examines some of the mechanisms of boom and bust cycles that have characterised Western economies for centuries.’
    • ‘It operates under the same boom and bust conditions as real estate.’
    • ‘The boom and bust of the last few years have taught valuable lessons to the staff and management of software firms, according to Kelly.’
    • ‘He says there's been consistent growth, not a boom or bust cycle, and he points to 10 consecutive months of job growth with 1.5 million new jobs created.’
    • ‘Asked about boom or bust IT companies, she is scathing about the business practices of some companies.’
    • ‘It is not rocket science to see how these processes feed unstable demand and self-reinforcing boom and bust dynamics.’
    • ‘It is at times like this that people begin to see technology as a boom and bust industry.’