Definition of booklet in English:



  • A small book consisting of a few sheets, typically with paper covers.

    • ‘Print marketing covers a wide range of options, from point of sale booklets to direct mail pamphlets.’
    • ‘Her eyes were fixed on the thin booklet her teacher held which contained her mark.’
    • ‘The booklet and card gives information about the help provided by a dozen agencies in the region.’
    • ‘The booklet contains pictures of the band members as well as lyrics for each song.’
    • ‘His ceaseless energy has also been directed to penning books and booklets on the fisheries sector.’
    • ‘A series of booklets on using the internet to source information are available free in the library.’
    • ‘The remaining four booklets were mailed directly to the women.’
    • ‘Enrolment forms and information booklets are available from the school.’
    • ‘We will have a range of religious pamphlets and booklets on sale.’
    • ‘The pupils in that focus group had clearly read the booklets and found the information helpful and credible.’
    • ‘According to the information booklet High Street was not included in the scheme.’
    • ‘The ministry also said it has compiled an information booklet to distribute to farmers.’
    • ‘As a Lecturer I took pains to share my knowledge with the students but was surprised to read the answer booklets.’
    • ‘This is something of a fact which even the cover design of the booklet attests to.’
    • ‘Should we give detailed advice and information booklets to patients with back pain?’
    • ‘So there is a map of the island and a booklet with pictures of the planet.’
    • ‘Pupils from each year presented their final results with posters, booklets and leaflets.’
    • ‘Like all previous years, students will sit their exams by writing answers into A4-sized paper booklets.’
    • ‘There are 28 booklets in all, related to subjects such as arithmetic, literacy or vocabulary.’
    • ‘The cash can be used to buy tools, to manage the park's wildlife habitats and to produce leaflets and information booklets.’
    pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, handout, handbill, circular, flyer, notice, tract
    folder, mailer
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