Definition of booking agent in English:

booking agent


  • 1A person who makes engagements or reservations for others, in particular.

    • ‘Thrane employed as his booking agent a man of unusual calibre.’
    1. 1.1 A person who arranges concert or club engagements for performers.
      • ‘Concertgoers, artists and booking agents are becoming fed up with a fee system they regard as price gouging.’
      • ‘I've talked to reporters from major news networks and papers, and I've talked a booking agent or two to arranging appearances on radio shows, but never a publicist.’
      • ‘I am able to give stimulating business to local printers and manufacturers and to employ the services of independent distributors, promoters, booking agents and publicists.’
      • ‘In New York and California the functions of a booking agent can only be performed by a party which has the requisite licence.’
      • ‘Say you want a spot at a club but the booking agent has rejected you.’
      • ‘When you want to get into a club that hasn't seen you before, the booking agent for that club is going to ask the other comics he trusts if you're any good.’
      • ‘We also need support personnel - attorneys, booking agents, people to run music stores, to make and repair instruments.’
      • ‘She has served as a funder, booking agent, administrator, educator, and even danced professionally.’
      • ‘I get more results ‘selling’ my clients to potential club booking agents, and record labels than I do when I try to sell myself…’
      • ‘It is not enough to practice a bit and lounge about waiting for the booking agents to arrange another triumphal concert tour.’
      • ‘The club's booking agents are organising and compering a series of fund-raising events.’
      • ‘David and I share the same booking agent and got to be friends.’
    2. 1.2 A person who makes travel arrangements for clients.
      • ‘When making your reservations, let the booking agent know about any special needs you have.’
      • ‘The exhibit hall open to the public will be filled with more than 150 booths of outfitters, guide services, booking agents and rifle manufacturers from around the world.’
      • ‘The provision of service tax on transport industry is further discriminatory in comparison to the airline booking agents.’
      • ‘Hunters planning early-season trips are advised to contacted booking agents for updated reports.’
      • ‘This led me to a bit of surfing though, to find other online ticket booking agents who could provide itineraries and prices for several major airlines, all at one convenient spot.’
      • ‘We are inviting our customers to make contact with their travel agent or the booking agent and to prepare for possible delays.’
      • ‘A Sudanese tourist visa is essential - this costs £55 and the booking agent can arrange it for you.’
      • ‘The Finance Minister has clarified that the service tax has not been imposed on truck owners or operators but on booking agents.’
      • ‘Once in Sudan every visitor has to pay a local Port Tax of US $170 (though the amount does change, so check with your booking agent before travelling).’
      • ‘They're like travel magazines, guidebooks and booking agents, all in one.’
      • ‘We're working to bring in outfitters and operators of hunting lodges who are interested in establishing relationships with retailers as booking agents.’
      • ‘Does anyone know a booking agent prepared to bulk book?’
      • ‘Living opposite the family's home in Grafton Street was a man who worked for a booking agent for the Savoy Hotel.’
      • ‘The company has been recruiting at journalism schools and on its own Web site for guest booking agents and greeters in New York.’
      • ‘We tried out a booking agent for the first time and it was less than satisfactory.’