Definition of book page in US English:

book page


  • 1A page of a book.

    • ‘The whole thing looks as though it's been ripped kicking and screaming from a comic book page, with the frames and sound captions intact.’
    • ‘Take an old book page and use your glue stick to cover the front of the playing card with the text.’
    • ‘Of the many other curious items for sale, the colouring book page features a squirrel in a baseball cap with a pile of acorns on a picnic blanket.’
    • ‘Despite various attempts to flesh him out, he remains as flat as an image on a comic book page.’
    • ‘One warning: two or more pages from the first twelve issues are sometimes reduced to fit on a single book page; you may need a magnifier to read the text.’
    • ‘In this book, the typical paragraph is more than a hundred words long, with some longer than a full book page.’
    • ‘Among natural and nature-like forms, Frost favors trees and birds, or a birdlike white wave or fluttering book page.’
    • ‘The top layer (of three) is no thicker than a book page but comes with 15-20 layers of cells which migrate from below in two weeks ending up dead on the surface.’
    • ‘He spotted a side street, recognizing the name from the phone book page.’
    • ‘Just promise me you'll give that phone book page to the police, and forget about doing anything stupid.’
    • ‘The words match the ad on the yellow phone book page, which is all that Bitsy needs to know.’
  • 2A page of a newspaper or magazine devoted to book reviews.

    • ‘If you're interested in infographics and visual storytelling, don't miss his book page.’
    • ‘A leading Moscow newspaper recently asked me to write a piece for their book pages on Russian novels published in English.’
    • ‘Self-help books have long been the bane of a self-respecting book page.’
    • ‘It does irritate me when I see kids just out of university working away in the book pages as if the review is just a bit of idle opinionating.’
    • ‘The fact that she still managed to fill the book pages every week is testament to her willingness to pull reviews out of thin air when needed.’