Definition of book group in US English:

book group


  • A group of people who meet regularly to discuss books that all the members have read.

    • ‘The book group meets monthly, usually on the second Sunday.’
    • ‘Publishers like Penguin and Harper Collins court book groups.’
    • ‘In London and the south, rates were lifted by the popularity of residents' associations and book groups.’
    • ‘The group paired with an all-white book group to discuss a collection of essays about race.’
    • ‘Those less familiar with reading are less likely to join a book group for its own sake.’
    • ‘I was hoping for resolution and I didn't expect the ending, but I'm still going to recommend it to my book group.’
    • ‘A group of friends who meet in a Manchester pub to discuss their favourite literature have been named the best-read book group in Britain.’
    • ‘Choir practice is becoming to bourgeois Paris what the book group is in suburban London.’
    • ‘Throughout the semester he will also be running a "Great Catholic Authors" book group.’
    • ‘Of course I'm going to join a book group.’
    • ‘I decided against joining a book group.’
    • ‘There seemed to be a couple of boisterous book groups meeting there.’
    • ‘Paula runs a book group at Shipley Library and co-ordinates a district-wide network of library book groups.’
    • ‘He led a book group on the works of Charles Dickens, which were the topic of his Ph.D.’
    • ‘I wish there were book groups about these kinds of books the way there are book groups for novels.’
    • ‘Sponsor a joint event with another book group to provide a larger audience.’
    • ‘The book group has a reasonably large turnout.’
    • ‘And apparently they have a book group who are reading my book this month!’
    • ‘But the main thing is that reading and book groups are such fun.’
    • ‘All we knew back then was that our book group was a touchstone to sanity, a place to air minds cluttered with the debris of domestic life.’