Definition of boogaloo in US English:



  • A modern dance to rock-and-roll music performed with swiveling and shuffling movements of the body, originally popular in the 1960s.

    • ‘While their sounds are far from new, Findlay offers a fresh platter of seamlessly mixed house grooves, breakbeats and boogaloo.’
    • ‘She drops a very special set of steamy tropical sounds (mambo salsa, boogaloo, merengue and samba) at Unity II's Friday College Night.’
    • ‘‘Steamer Lane’, ‘South City Midnight Lady’ and ‘Snake Man’ provide some Eagles-esque country contrast, before it's back to beefed-up boogaloos.’
    • ‘In this case, the variables include vintage dancefloor jazz, dirty funk, boogaloo and hip hop, with a little samba and house in there too.’
    • ‘There may be some electric boogaloo involved, the jury is still out on that one.’
    • ‘If popping is the rigid angles, boogaloo is more liquid-like.’
    • ‘The judges watched as dancers showed off their pops, boogaloos, flips and tumbles.’
    • ‘The jazz boogaloo rears its well worn head on ‘Coming Up Roses’, but it is beautifully counter balanced by the folky atmosphere of ‘Barca’.’
    • ‘At times, the sound ventures into psychedelic boogaloo (the magnificent ‘Portland, Oregon’, in which he duets) or vicious punkabilly.’
    • ‘I think I'll call it electric boogaloo from now on, to remove all doubt that what I'm doing is ultimately absurd, credo te absurdum…’
    • ‘If you've got an appetite for salsa, Latin soul and boogaloo, you're about to get your fill for absolutely nothing this year.’
    • ‘Link arms and try to break the world record for joined up electric boogaloo.’
    • ‘History loves to repeat itself and, with this in mind, I suggest you go see The Detroit Cobras July 5 at Petit Campus and do the boogaloo!’
    • ‘It's done in the style of the boogaloo of the early '50s, that sort of Elvis style.’
    • ‘A love for films shines through each frame and the era is recreated with obvious affection, scored to perfection with some tasty boogaloo beats.’
    • ‘A dancer from the hip-hop world would show me pops and boogaloos and all that.’
    • ‘Files are only available for 10 days after posting, so jump on that podcast on the history of boogaloo before it disappears.’
    • ‘A throwback to the days of dancefloor jazz, boogaloo and earthy funk, the band's members cut their teeth in the company of prime movers of the genre.’
    • ‘Yet where others might find nothing but bland boogaloo, Young finds pearls from Ray Barretto, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard and Nina Simone.’


[no object]US
  • Perform the boogaloo dance.

    ‘nearly 2,000 people pressed in behind them to boogaloo along Pennsylvania Avenue’
    • ‘Those were some of the original styles of boogalooing.’
    • ‘They all came in handy as he tapped out a percussive portrait of bouncing breasts and boogalooing bottoms sashaying by on a summer day.’
    • ‘The Ballistic Cube is a violently reactive target that jumps, bucks and boogaloos with each hit, then lands showing you a four-inch surface every time.’
    • ‘This course will introduce the student to the fundamentals and choreography of hip hop funk styles (example: locking, popping, boogalooing, waving, etc.).’
    • ‘Sooo, Jack and I grabbed our Raybans, cranked up the Bluesmobile and boogalooed all the way home.’
    • ‘These guys, though, make me want to boogaloo down Blaisdell.’
    • ‘During his stay in L.A., he boogalooed his way into videos by Herb Alpert, Davina and Adina Howard, and came close to landing a role in ‘Jungle Book,’.’
    • ‘There wasn't any actual boogalooing or two-stepping going on in the corporate offices of Canada's private sports broadcasters this week.’
    • ‘She was always available for a shoulder to cry on, or to share a triumphant moment with, or to go out boogalooing.’
    • ‘While my contemporaries were boogalooing to the stuff on this list, I was in my room with my Kay acoustic and harmonica holder working through the Bob Dylan songbook.’
    • ‘It depicts the experiences of common black folk in courtrooms, slum bars, and on the streets, with pimps and jivers, boogalooing and loving Malcolm X.’
    • ‘Robson, now 21, got boogalooing and moonwalking when most of us are running around like headless chickens.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the wide aisle bisecting the Terrace Room at Newark's Symphony Hall filled with jitterbugging, jiving and boogalooing dancers.’
    • ‘The crowds and excitement grow every weekend, and it makes me proud to see my people boogalooing to some of L.A.'s hottest stage acts in Chicano Music today.’
    • ‘To convey his good tidings he lapses into party-animal mode, bellowing and boogalooing in the bleary, mega-groovy manner of his on-screen character.’


1960s: perhaps an alteration of boogie-woogie.