Definition of booby prize in US English:

booby prize


  • A prize given as a joke to the last-place finisher in a race or competition.

    • ‘So in the end, their trophy is not a winner, it's a booby prize.’
    • ‘But a booby prize for the authority as, yet again, the collecting point has been overwhelmed at this holiday season.’
    • ‘Winners on the day included a couple from Seagry and there were also prizes for best slam and booby prizes.’
    • ‘But, of course, all he got was the big booby prize, and he had to front it.’
    • ‘She looked Amanda up and down as if to say, ‘I've won’ - but all she's won is the booby prize.’
    • ‘Populations that make running shoes for populations that design computer networks have won the global economic booby prize.’
    • ‘But what if the booby prize isn't $100, but only $50?’
    • ‘Sponsors of the slowest duck, Danny and Sophie were presented with a wooden duck as a booby prize.’
    • ‘The ceremony also includes the dreaded Golden Bull booby prizes for the year's most baffling gobbledygook.’
    • ‘The dirty room booby prize is something I give to who ever is last to vacate their bedroom and also leaves it in a state of disrepair.’
    • ‘There was a hip flask as first prize, and ‘Connect - 4 ’, a game for small children, as the booby prize for the couple that came last.’
    • ‘The city won the booby prize in September 2004 after offering to fund a $400 million park.’
    • ‘Even better, we avoided the booby prize and walked off with a much less sugary chocolate Easter egg each instead.’
    • ‘Now, a big booby prize to the features department of the newspaper.’
    • ‘The booby prize for those last home was a set of luxurious bath soaps to ease away the aches and pains.’
    • ‘The awards - and the booby prizes, which have yet to be announced - are due to be handed over at a ceremony in London on Wednesday.’
    • ‘In addition to the meals, dive gear, hotel nights, and clothing, Mermaid's will also have some very special grand prizes and even some booby prizes.’
    • ‘If you answered that all of them are organisms, then I'm afraid that's all too obvious and you only score the booby prize.’
    • ‘The booby prizes go to Sweden and Denmark, where people are working for the government until the end of July.’
    • ‘Solid spare play can make the difference between a winner's trophy and a booby prize.’


booby prize

/ˈbubi ˌpraɪz//ˈbo͞obē ˌprīz/