Definition of boob tube in US English:

boob tube


  • 1usually the boob tubeNorth American Television or a television set.

    ‘librarians are scrambling for ways to compete with the boob tube’
    • ‘Spending time on the Internet may well be an academic's version of watching too much of the boob tube, and I'm going to limit myself to one hour a day.’
    • ‘So far, Jack hasn't stepped up to the polls, but I'm quietly optimistic that he'll be the next big thing in Canada, at least on the boob tube.’
    • ‘As you say, it is a triumph of books over the boob tube.’
    • ‘I miss too many programs these days, not that the boob tube is a major addiction, but it would be nice to at least keep up with a few favorites.’
    • ‘Finally, that allegedly brain-dead American boob tube may actually provide more cognitive stimulation than previously thought.’
    • ‘Keeping this kind of stuff off the boob tube obviously is going to be critical task for the Pentagon and the White House.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, keep yourselves occupied with a good book, a fine movie, or just turn on the boob tube for a few hours and let yourself veg out.’
    • ‘And now, at seventeen, I can't sleep unless the blue glow of the boob tube exists a few feet from me.’
    • ‘What we have here, are two classic installments of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the greatest television program in the brief history of the boob tube.’
    • ‘And now she is about to make the jump from the radio to the boob tube, courtesy of a show this fall from Paramount Television.’
    • ‘In some cases, the proverbial boob tube will actually know more about viewers than they know about themselves.’
    • ‘Come on folks - ditch the boob tube for a while and get off the sofa.’
    • ‘We're well acquainted with perennial complaints that children are hooked too tightly to the boob tube.’
    • ‘Either way, there still exist some exceptionally creative, smart and informative venues on the boob tube.’
    • ‘I don't watch much television; I haven't had a boob tube in my possession for eight years.’
    • ‘But the main reason I spend so little time in front of the boob tube is the lack of compelling material.’
  • 2British A woman's tight-fitting strapless top made of stretchy material; a tube top.


boob tube

/ˈbub ˌt(j)ub//ˈbo͞ob ˌt(y)o͞ob/