Definition of boneyard in US English:



  • A cemetery.

    ‘it was a seventeenth-century boneyard, the oldest in the city’
    figurative ‘his plate was a boneyard of sandwich crusts’
    • ‘The woman and I walked down the road between the boneyard and the nuthouse this morning and headed into the garden allotments.’
    • ‘There's a whole craft industry based on vehicles for transferring corpses from the chapel to the boneyard.’
    • ‘And in Strut, two vicious-looking dogs occupy a vague terrain in which a pair of skulls suggest a boneyard where the dogs have eaten their fill.’
    • ‘This sense of boyish innocence and hope helps define The Devil's Backbone as something more than just your average trip to the boneyard.’
    • ‘They are particularly keen on the Necropolis, the old boneyard that sprawls across the boundary between city centre and east end.’
    • ‘John Knox stares stonily down at me from his plinth at the top of the boneyard.’
    • ‘So the parent company decided last week to fill the last orders and send to the Web boneyard.’
    • ‘The actual nuts and bolts of the implementation must rest with agencies that own or support a product, from concept to boneyard.’
    • ‘But it's Thornley's fast and loose definition of celebrity that makes his boneyard Baedeker such a quirky read.’
    • ‘Soon we were speeding across the near-shore shoal, a shallow boneyard of rocks and coral heads.’