Definition of boned in US English:



  • 1(of meat or fish) having had the bones removed before cooking or serving.

    ‘boned turkey with cranberry stuffing’
    • ‘In that case I usually go for a boned loin, ready-tied and scored by the butcher.’
    • ‘If all else fails, steam 12 ounces of boned, skinned sole fillets in a single layer until opaque but still moist-looking in the center, about 5 minutes.’
    • ‘We now sell a boned and rolled loin of lamb for $26 a kilo, that only takes you 45 to 50 minutes to roast.’
    • ‘Whatever your favorite types of meat - boned chicken breast, lean cuts of beef or even pork - buy large discounted packages.’
    • ‘Many small cuts of meat take well to dry heat: boned turkey breast and thighs, lamb loin, and pork tenderloin, for instance.’
    • ‘A boned and stuffed quail, on a chestnut and cinnamon risotto with soused figs?’
    • ‘Trim the boned lamb shoulder of any large pads of fat.’
    • ‘Something like the same effect occurs in one of Italy's most celebrated dishes, Arrosto di maiale al latte, in which a boned pork loin is braised in milk.’
    • ‘Rub each of the boned chicken legs all over with a little olive oil and the thyme leaves.’
    • ‘The charcoaled boned chicken sparkles with a spicy and smoky flavour.’
    • ‘This boned ham comes from western China and is basted with a honey sauce throughout cooking and is eaten wrapped inside small steamed buns.’
    • ‘The house speciality is manchoorie balti, where a whole chicken is marinated and barbecued, then boned and slow-cooked to a secret recipe.’
    • ‘For main courses, the boned skate wing, with mussel, parsley and caper tartare, was simply divine.’
    • ‘After a choice of freshly baked bread the stuffed boned quail on parsnip pûrée and truffle velouté was the choice of the starters.’
    • ‘But don't overlook other cuts of meat on offer, from boned and rolled roasts to fillets and cured bacon.’
    • ‘Venison steaks (or a boned roasting joint) may be encased in puff or shortcrust pastry, in the same way as fillet of beef.’
    • ‘You will need to order the boned shoulder of lamb ahead of time. The marinade is optional.’
    • ‘A lamb leg can be partially boned, but it's best to leave the large bone in, as it helps to keep an attractive shape.’
  • 2in combination (of a person) having bones of the specified type.

    ‘she was fine-boned and boyishly slim’
  • 3(of a garment) stiffened with strips of plastic or whalebone to give shape to the figure or the garment.

    • ‘Women may have been dressed in long velvet dresses over taffeta underskirts and boned bodices.’
    • ‘Most of my dresses have been in ivory, though I am also working on gold designs and the most popular design is a boned bodice.’
    • ‘The bride wore an ivory gown by Amanda Wyatt, with a boned bodice with bead detail.’
    • ‘The boned bodice and corset are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many local shopping malls.’
    • ‘The bride wore an ivory satin dress with a boned bodice, scooped neckline, full skirt, a long train, tiara of crystals and a veil with small crystals at the hem.’
    • ‘The bridesmaid wore a boned bodice and full-length skirt in claret red heavy satin, and a claret and gold feather headdress.’
    • ‘Kristen stared at the ruby red prom dress with the boned corset top done in satin with a embroidered flower motif.’
    • ‘I'm sure the suede lining helped, but it's rare to find a holster so nicely boned that doesn't require a break-in period.’
    • ‘The bride wore a vanilla satin strapless boned top and midnight blue velvet fishtail skirt, with a vanilla and blue wrap.’
    • ‘Finally came the gown, which might consist of a boned bodice and stiffened skirt to match.’
    • ‘It was an absolutely gorgeous boned corset covered in silver sequins from Cabaret in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Krystal and Katie laced up the boned corset and pulled until Kirby complained that she couldn't breathe to sing.’
    • ‘Its full skirt will look great when you are swirling on the dancefloor, and it's more comfortable than a traditional boned ball gown.’
    • ‘And take a look at supportive underwear; there are briefs which help hold your tummy in, and if you're really keen, boned basques which squeeze you in.’