Definition of bone ash in US English:

bone ash


  • The mineral residue of calcined bones, used chiefly in the production of bone china and fertilizers.

    • ‘Georgian and Victorian ‘china’ makers from Spode to Sevres fudged by adding extra and easier fluxes like bone ash and gypsum.’
    • ‘If local people continue the habit of burying bone ash in a grave, the public graveyards in the city will be completely filled up in around five years.’
    • ‘In its simplest form this involved heating a metal to melting point in a vessel made of a dried paste of bone ash.’
    • ‘Most famous of all was the Bow Porcelain factory, established in the late 1740s, which replicated the popular Chinese crockery of the day using bone ash.’
    • ‘The major ingredients are sand, soda ash, potash, zinc, and bone ash.’
    • ‘They're actually porcelain that's been mixed with calcified bone ash before molding.’
    • ‘Some glaze formulas or recipes also use volcanic ash or even bone ash.’