Definition of bone-weary in US English:


(also bone-tired)


  • Utterly weary; extremely tired.

    • ‘The weary survivors are pleased, but bone-tired all the same.’
    • ‘When Deng talked with Sojourners earlier this year at the World Social Forum in India, she looked bone-tired from five days of speaking and conference-going.’
    • ‘Although I had slept most of the day I felt bone-weary and muddled.’
    • ‘The others, through bone-weary, settled down but were unable to stop racing thoughts and emotions enough for sleep to come.’
    • ‘Only with the strength of his madness, he was able to lift himself stiffly from the cover on bone-weary legs.’
    • ‘He himself felt bone-weary but still managed to answer most of their questions.’
    • ‘These bone-tired men who had been helping us had every right to be exhausted.’
    • ‘Nikola trudged up the steps in a bone-weary haze.’
    • ‘In the back room, a frustrated and bone-weary volunteer sat rolling pennies.’
    • ‘Some officers officers in charge are more worried about a soldier's appearance than what that bone-weary soldier needs.’
    • ‘The four companies retire in an orderly fashion, the fatigued, bone-tired men nonetheless maintaining restraint.’
    • ‘I really needed to rest and recuperate on holiday but that didn't really happen and I am bone-weary most of the time, now.’
    • ‘McCann's stand-off with Farrell was shot two days before the end of filming and by then no one had any difficulty playing bone-tired, battle-weary warriors.’
    • ‘I am bone-weary, and incapable of arguing any further.’
    • ‘I was still bone-tired, but sleep had remedied it, to an extent.’
    • ‘Her body was bone-tired and did not benefit from staying in one place nearly the entire night.’
    • ‘All I know, ultimately, is that it is bone-weary to be lonely all the time.’
    • ‘He was so cold, so bone-weary, yet his insides burned.’
    • ‘Stiefel's playful menace in the card scene with the jailer and his bone-tired weariness by the campfire were gems of kinetic characterization.’
    • ‘Other times you went out explicitly and worked at it all day and still came home bone-tired and empty-handed.’
    tired out, worn out, weary, dog-tired, bone-tired, ready to drop, on one's last legs, asleep on one's feet, drained, fatigued, enervated, debilitated, spent
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