Definition of bonbon in English:



  • A piece of candy, especially one covered with chocolate.

    • ‘Garoto is tapping Ragold's U.S. distribution network for Velamints and Juicefuls, and may later add bonbons and other premium chocolate treats.’
    • ‘Butler's cafe has raised the coffee bar to super-latte levels, and the chocolate truffles are worthy of a place in bonbon heaven.’
    • ‘At last came the cheese cart, and after cheese came dessert, an array of chocolate bonbons, and a silver bowl of ripe cherries and blushing apricots.’
    • ‘Don't you think that's too early for chocolate bonbons?’
    • ‘Rob was at the finish with two bags full of cookies and bonbons from a local patisserie.’
    • ‘As he toiled, she lay flat on her back on the living room floor, occasionally scratching her belly but mostly just watching Nick at Nite and eating bonbons.’
    • ‘Like the bonbons that line gilded boxes of chocolates, their names adorn one storefront after another above displays of leather coats, designer purses and gold bracelets.’
    • ‘So why didn't I go to work and write the thing, instead of dawdling around the house eating bonbons?’
    • ‘The finest chocolate bonbons allow the flavor of the chocolate to come through without interference from the other flavors and ingredients.’
    • ‘This tasty anti-globalization bonbon may have a slightly hollow centre, however, and the weakness stems, ironically, from a lack of information.’
    • ‘And mochi ice-cream balls: Half-scoops of assorted flavors are coated with just enough pressed-rice candy to appear weird but taste like bonbons.’
    • ‘As governor, he even prohibited over-the-candy-counter sale of bonbons with liqueur centers.’


Late 18th century: from French, reduplication of bon good from Latin bonus.