Definition of bombproof in US English:



  • 1Strong enough to resist the effects of blast from a bomb.

    • ‘A major oil company, for instance, has installed a bullet and bombproof wall that stays hidden in the ceiling of the reception area for the executive offices.’
    • ‘The products that on paper seemed to be bombproof and virtually inert turned out to be part of a system that propagates mold, mildew, and rot.’
    • ‘The War Cabinet would use a bombproof citadel known as PADDOCK at Dollis Hill with supporting bunkers at Cricklewood and Harrow.’
    • ‘She quickly snatched up her son and took him down to the bombproof shelter, then volunteered her services to help the wounded men.’
    • ‘I chose these pads based on stability of landing platform, protection against the ground, durability, ease of operation, and the overall bombproof factor.’
    • ‘The switch improved the throughput of the system, and the package was bombproof (although we avoided using that particular phrase in airport security lines).’
    • ‘These tanks were particularly susceptible to enemy action; none of the tanks had bombproof covers.’
    • ‘And I've turned him round with help from a lot of other people, into a horse that's almost bombproof out on the street.’
    • ‘The bullet and bombproof windows are more than three inches thick and the car itself can withstand two grenades on the roof and two underneath.’
    • ‘This is typical of Clare's bombproof organisational skills.’
    • ‘The latest crop of shell pants are featherweight, bombproof, and cut for freedom of movement.’
    • ‘However, be warned: food shares are not bombproof.’
    • ‘Hang a very large pair of bombproof net curtains from the top of St Stephen's Tower.’
    • ‘At £2600 you're getting a lot of bike for your money, Pro-Pedal Fox, Stealth Super T's, a bombproof frame and good quality parts.’
    • ‘The panic rooms are bulletproof, bombproof and poison gas proof - and cost £1.6 million.’
    • ‘The square central courtyard of the fort is bordered by a series of numerous small bombproof vaults for storing provisions and ammunition.’
    • ‘The car he travels in is a bulletproof and bombproof Jeep Cherokee, which has four-inch thick windows and a steel plate underneath.’
    resistant, impenetrable, impervious, repellent
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    1. 1.1 (of a tame animal, typically a horse) not easily alarmed by unusual circumstances.
      ‘piebald cob, seven years old, good to box, shoe, and clip, bombproof in traffic’
      • ‘He was, in the parlance of horsemen, 'bombproof.'’
      • ‘And I've turned him round with help from a lot of other people, into a horse that's almost bombproof out on the street.’
      • ‘Because my pup was exposed to this training and socialising every day she is bombproof with children.’
      • ‘The riding school has operated perfectly trouble-free for at least 15 years and all the horses are practically bombproof with regard to traffic, people, aircraft and everything else.’