Definition of bomblet in US English:



  • A small bomb.

    • ‘They spray hundreds of bomblets that have only one purpose; to kill and maim people.’
    • ‘The bomblets, which looked like pineapples with spidery fins, had all the characteristics of land mines - except that they were sown from the air.’
    • ‘And these are nasty bombs - made up of several hundred bomblets, which themselves are made up of many pellets.’
    • ‘Small bomblets containing liquid sarin, a deadly nerve agent, were uncovered as recently as 2000.’
    • ‘Unexploded cluster bomblets will harm thousands more.’
    • ‘Cluster bombs contain as many as 200 smaller bomblets and up to 30% of these fail to explode on impact but, like landmines, remain deadly for many years.’
    • ‘There is a significant ‘dud rate’ of about 5% which leaves many unexploded bomblets littering the ground with the potential to explode years later.’
    • ‘One of the closest calls we had was actually when a Marine stepped on a bomblet from a cluster bomb.’
    • ‘The buried bomblets claim a new victim every 22 minutes - that's 24,000 casualties a year.’
    • ‘Others were walking in their fields and accidentally stepped on an unexploded bomblet from a cluster bomb.’
    • ‘The Multiple Launch Rocket Systems weapon, which fires hundreds of bomblets, is likely to be in reserve.’
    • ‘We are calling on the British Government to commit to clearing up unexploded ordnance, including the cluster bomblets that have been left behind.’
    • ‘Even if the bombers don't directly target civilians, the unexploded bomblets stay on the ground as land mines, and pose a continuing threat to civilians.’
    • ‘The cluster bomblets are still killing innocent civilians.’
    • ‘After they are dropped, they open up in the air and disperse bomblets by parachute.’
    • ‘Each contains 202 bomblets that are scattered by explosion.’
    • ‘Although different in shape and size, both are yellow in colour and many children pick up the bomblets thinking they contain food.’
    • ‘Once again, we are distributing bright yellow food packets into areas where we are also dropping bright yellow cluster bomblets.’
    • ‘They say one in every five bombs, bomblets, and artillery shells doesn't go off, and lies in wait, sometimes years, for the unwary or unlucky.’
    • ‘And there are just tiny little bomblets in one bomb, and they spread all over the place.’