Definition of bombardier beetle in US English:

bombardier beetle


  • A ground beetle that when alarmed discharges a puff of hot irritant vapor from its anus with an audible pop.

    Genus Brachinus, family Carabidae: several species

    • ‘In contrast, bombardier beetles, the diving bell spider, and a horsefly larva that cuts a crack diverter in mud, appear to be unique.’
    • ‘Researchers at the University will study the bombardier beetle's unique natural combustion technique to see if it can be copied for use in the aircraft industry.’
    • ‘The Holotype of the bombardier beetle, Brachinus aabaaba, which I named and described in 1970, is housed in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard.’
    • ‘One contributor to the conference gave a talk on ‘The efficiency of the explosive discharge of the bombardier beetle, with possible biomimetic applications’.’
    • ‘The tiny bombardier beetle could not possibly have evolved.’