Definition of bomb scare in US English:

bomb scare


  • An alert prompted by the suspicion that a bomb has been planted in a public place.

    ‘the court building was temporarily evacuated following a bomb scare’
    • ‘Part of the centre of Bedford was sealed off on Saturday afternoon, owing to a bomb scare.’
    • ‘A Californian airport was closed for six hours on Friday, following a bomb scare.’
    • ‘The first night was interrupted by a bomb scare which caused the theatre to be evacuated.’
    • ‘During the summit there were bomb scares across Italy, with police responding to 24 bomb threats in a 48-hour period.’
    • ‘A Greek official tells CNN the diversion of the Athens to New York flight was due to what's being called a bomb scare.’
    • ‘Relevant employees (particularly receptionists and security staff) will need training to deal with a bomb scare.’
    • ‘Despite the bomb scare, Paddy says he still wouldn't be turned off flying.’
    • ‘The historic women's organisation has a team on standby for major incidents such as rail crashes, serious fires and bomb scares.’
    • ‘An Australian man whose wireless access point triggered a bomb scare has spoken of his shock at been treated like a potential terrorist.’
    • ‘"There are always threats and bomb scares at the court," a senior policeman at the magistrates court said.’