Definition of bolt upright in US English:

bolt upright


  • Upright, with the back rigid and straight.

    ‘she sat bolt upright in bed’
    • ‘I sat bolt upright with a gasp, sweating and shaking and completely disoriented.’
    • ‘My 83 year old patient sat cross legged and bolt upright in the middle of his large double bed.’
    • ‘She woke up with a sudden start and sat bolt upright in bed.’
    • ‘He sits bolt upright, his hand fumbling around for the reading glasses.’
    • ‘My mother sat angrily bolt upright while they read Grandpa's will.’
    • ‘Sarah suddenly sat bolt upright in bed, sweat pouring down her forehead.’
    • ‘He sat bolt upright, in a cold sweat, breathing heavily and feeling dazed.’
    • ‘The legislators, well aware that they were being filmed and photographed by the media, sat bolt upright with alert expressions.’
    • ‘She sat bolt upright, crying out for her mother in fright at the noise, terrified by the pitch blackness around her.’
    • ‘The service lasted about an hour, but for the entire time she sat bolt upright, and her back never touched the back of the chair.’
    straight, rigidly, stiffly, completely upright
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