Definition of bolt-action in US English:



  • (of a gun) having a breech which is opened by turning a bolt and sliding it back.

    • ‘In cooler weather, I spent nearly every free moment testing handload combinations through my array of bolt-action rifles.’
    • ‘Most bolt-action rifles are designed to cock on opening.’
    • ‘The same can be said for any bolt-action rifle, along with a host of other familiar firearms.’
    • ‘Traditional varmint hunters use a bolt-action rifle.’
    • ‘He picked up a wooden, bolt-action rifle equipped with a scope and handed it to Giselle.’
    • ‘If we carry a bolt-action rifle we need to develop the skill to work the bolt smoothly and efficiently.’
    • ‘Kimber is best known for its 1911-style handguns and high-quality bolt-action rifles.’
    • ‘In fact, pump-action guns are no more lethal than bolt-action guns, semiautomatic guns, and so on.’
    • ‘As far as we can determine, this unique rifle also represents the state-of-the-art in bolt-action firearm technology and design.’
    • ‘Battles here are a lot less intense as you find yourself reloading or suffering from the delay of a bolt-action rifle.’
    • ‘This is easily the best detachable magazine system I have ever seen on a bolt-action rifle.’
    • ‘Vinton followed suit and dropped the other guard as Eries cocked his bolt-action rifle and readied another shot.’
    • ‘O.F. Mossberg & Sons is voluntarily recalling a limited number of its Model 695 bolt-action shotguns.’
    • ‘It is a bolt-action rifle instead of automatic, which locks the round in place better and gives more consistent accuracy.’
    • ‘How Wilson can provide a trigger like this on a semiauto rifle when many bolt-action rifles are afflicted with heavy, creepy triggers is one of life's mysteries.’
    • ‘The old man motioned his fellow tribesmen to approach, raised his old bolt-action gun, and pointed it at Wright's chest.’
    • ‘It may surprise you to know that America issued three bolt-action rifles to combat troops in WWII.’
    • ‘In orderly fashion, two-hundred young native men took up flanking positions, armed with rifles, shotguns, even old bolt-action rifles.’
    • ‘Left-handed bolt-action rifles aren't rare anymore and there are even some left-handed automatic shotguns.’
    • ‘The bolt-action rifle they designed was in many ways a very good rifle.’



/ˈboʊlt ˌækʃən/